Why Android is The Best Choice For Your Next Phone

Why Android is The Best Choice For Your Next Phone
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The smart phone market is big business these days, and a number of massive multinational corporations are vying the top spot. Whilst Apple are the other main player in the field, many onlookers believe that their offerings are beginning to reduce in quality. It’s all very well bringing out lighter, larger capacity items – but how much of their new product range is really revolutionary?

Are Apple’s Days Numbered?

Apple used to be the smaller alternative competitor to Microsoft’s juggernaut, but in recent times the company has seen its stocks rise to become the number 1 player in the market. Microsoft are expected to fight back, as they begin their assault on the smart phone battlefield – but Apple is still the biggest player in town. However, in recent months Apple’s share price has started to fall, and many predict that this is set to continue.

Critics argue relentlessly about why Apple is set to decline, and reasons include stale product offerings which rely too heavily on a loyal customer-base. After all, sometimes when you’ve been number one for so long, resistance grows and people look for alternatives. Many critics feel this might be starting to happen to Apple.

Android – Racing Ahead of the Pack:

The main winner in all of this is Android. While two long-term rivals battle it out with multi-billion dollar budgets, the open-source platform has continued to grow. Make no mistake, backed by Google’s billions – Android is no amateur operation. However, they have managed to capture a decent chunk of the market while offering not only usability and reliability – but FLEXIBILITY as well.

One of the major criticisms of Apple’s product line up is that they keep users “locked in” and only able to use devices in a manner deemed appropriate by Apple. If you want to purchase Apps or Mp3s, you’ve got to use Apple’s own store – and you can only buy things that the company have previously “ok’d”. This flies in the face of how the consumer electronics market is heading, and Android has managed to capitalize.

How Android is Different:

By offering an open-source platform, Android allows the ability to work together and provide software and support themselves. If you want to make your own Android app, that’s fine – you’re free to do what you want. Apps are available for free from a number of sources. Although Android does have it’s own Marketplace – you aren’t forced to use it.

Another great thing about Android – it’s not tied to one system or handset provider. That means there’s competition involved even amongst Android supporting phones, which drives down prices and allows more people the chance to own one. As you’ve probably seen, Android phones are normally considerably cheaper than the newest iPhone equivalent. But that’s not because they’re inferior – many believe Android phones are BETTER.

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