4 Ways Technology Could Save Lives

4 Ways Technology Could Save Lives

For those who can afford to have the best technology science has to offer, you are in for a treat as we go through some of the most innovative features available for us today. You will even see that some technologies are even overlooked or unheard of. We know some of the obvious types of technologies available, but did you know that some of these advancements can even save your life?

1.) Solar Charger

The whole point of having solar energy is that you can charge it anywhere sun is available. You don’t need to sit still or have to be in a specific place to take advantage of solar power, it’s just simple – use the sun. At times solar chargers can get pricey, but when you are stranded and your GPS doesn’t work, you will wish you dropped the extra cash for a solar charger. Solar Chargers work very effectively by converting the sun’s rays into 12V electricity. You might not think you need it, but we will talk when you are at the top of your mountain and your phone is dead and unable to Instagram it.

2.) Technical Clothing

What? How can clothing be technical? It’s so simple! Well it is. Scientists actually invented many of the materials used in outdoor clothing. I’m not sure why it’s called technical clothing, but it is. In all simplicity it’s based on a concept that if you layer more on you with in clothing (not just putting on 4 shirts) you will be safer from harsher weather conditions. You will find that most outdoor enthusiasts spend hundreds of dollars on technical clothing. The very effective but still expensive brand Patagonia offers plenty of options tailored for enthusiasts that are wanting to have extra safety as they go on a hike, climb, or a long trek with a bike.

3.) GPS

We tend to not think about what gps is doing exactly. When we are in a large city, we don’t really think about how cool it is and how easy it makes search engines do things for us. When we really need it to work, we are always in a place we are unfamiliar with. With the advancements of technology today, it’s possible to be completely lost and with the use of GPS systems, we are able to get routed back on our way to where we want.

4.) Smart Homes

Most of the time we always worry about how we are doing when we’re away from our home and only worry about the safety of our own (which is actually very important). We also need to take into consideration that our homes are in danger as well. Burglars take advantage of homeowners that are away from their homes for long periods of time. They even take note of when you leave the house. Think about this – You spend about 20 minutes outside your home packing everything for a huge getaway, and criminals take note of all that. There is a security systems company that allows you to arm your home from miles away and essentially protecting your home from criminals.

Using these type of technologies wont make criminals stop being criminals or stop you for sure from getting in dangerous situations, but it does have the potential to arm you with the appropriate devices to respond in the right way.

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