5 Must Have Mobile Phone Apps For Your Job Interview

5 Must Have Mobile Phone Apps For Your Job Interview
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A Mobile phone is the most handy gadget we have access to anytime, any day and depending on how you adapt yours, it can be a lot more functional for you. If you are a job seeker, there are brilliant apps that can make your job search much more efficient and these are discussed below.

5 Must Have Mobile Apps for Job Seekers

1.) iPQ Career Planner

This app is a definite must if you are a college graduate in the uncertain job market. What this app allows any job seeker to do is take an assessment, answering questions about your own personal traits to assess your strengths and weaknesses. It also allows the user to familiarize themselves with questions an interviewer may use during the personal assessment. The most important feature of this app is its ability to download a report that summarizes the strengths, weaknesses, and helps identify a suitable job for your desired career path.

2.) Pocket Resume

This keen app is for career seekers on the go, who want to showcase their skills in a short amount of time. With Pocket Resume, you are allowed to create a resume directly from your smart phone or tablet by just entering the requested details asked by the app. There is no need to focus on the formatting or layout of the resume, the app will generate all of this for you upon completion. You are allowed to create and store multiple resumes, and also send them directly from your mobile device to your desired employer. This app is essential for those who are always travelling and on the go, but need to make small changes to their current resume for different positions.

3.) Hidden Jobs

Unknown to most career seekers, the majority of open jobs are not posted in the classified ads or online job sites. The Hidden Jobs app is capable of tracking millions of unadvertised careers from company leads before they begin to hire. The app is not a job seeking app, but more of a career scouting app, notifying you where jobs will open in the near future in a location near you. This app uses Google to find open jobs at the company you decide to track, and sends push notifications once any hiring initiative has begun.

4.) Good Job

This is one of the most valuable job searching apps on the market to date. This app the perfect assistant in one’s job search, with its multitude of features, such as saving client information, tracking successful and disappointing interviews, allowing for multiple resume storage and sending the right documents to the right companies. You are also allowed to store, back up, and send files from your mobile device in PDF format straight to your PC. The simplicity of the app allows for the reduction in overall paperwork, and is great for the multitasking career hunter.

5.) BeKnown

This mobile job seeking app has increased in trending popularity, because of the platforms it uses to attract attention to your personal profile. The app works with Facebook’s timeline without revealing social network interactions, so business and pleasure are never combined. Facebook is the #1 site employers browse online, more than any other site. This application allows for one to utilize their education and professional experience from their Facebook profile, while using a separate discreet website to showcase your professionalism.

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This article is written by Zendra Thurmin, a technology enthusiast and career adviser with useful tips on the best methods for effective job search in South Africa.

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