Being Smart For Used Smartphones

Being Smart For Used Smartphones

On seeing our article on “Interesting Facts About Smartphone” You might be dying to have a Smartphone, it’s in, it’s cool, it’s expensive! Why not have the Smartphone which can’t be hard on budget. Want to Have a used Smartphone? See this guide, It tell’s you how to choose smartly used Smartphones.

1.) Check if it powers on:

Of course you need to check if the phone works by powering it on. Also check it’s physical appearance, cracks, lines, water. Pull out the battery and check for white dots, strips, or strips with red lines. These are indication that the phone has been dropped or was damaged with water. Please consider discoloration or dead pixels when buying.

2.) Check the serial number:

This could help you if the phone was lost, stolen, or tied to an account because it is going to be useless or it could be billed to you. Ask for the serial number prior the meeting so you can check for its record.

You can also ask for the bill which he received when he bought the phone. If he can’t give you one then avoid buying it or you can take a risk by asking the phone’s history. This is to ensure that it is not stolen.

3.) Research:

You can check the phone’s information and hardware specification on Just enter the model of the phone you are planning to buy.

4.) Check for the accessories:

You are buying a phone, it has supposed to have its own charger, earphones, battery, sync cable, and sometimes a microSD card. Make sure that it’s complete or you can ask for a discount or reconsider buying it.

5.) Battery Life:

Try turning the phone in vibration mode and give it a missed call for 5-10 times. If the phone turned off then there is some serious problem with its board or if the battery drains in this process, you can confirm that the battery is weak.

6.) Check the headphone jack:

This is usually the first to break so remember to check it. Bring your own earphone/ headphone to check if it works and if you are getting stereo sound.

7.) Check the phone’s sensitivity if it is touch screen and the processing speed by inserting a fully loaded 8 Gb micro SD or more:

Buying a used Smartphone through the internet is helpful in few ways; you can compare prices of the same unit from all phone auctioneers and you can get unbiased comments and reviews on the Smartphones that are out in the market. You will also be able to investigate on the specifics of the phone and how it is used.

In buying a used Smartphone you really need to be keen in all aspect. Always shop nearby first and never buy the first used Smartphones you will see on impulse. Also, clear out the details of the buy with the seller to avoid miscommunication on things like shipping and especially the condition of the Smartphone unit and its accessories.

Hope this guide could help you be a smart buyer of used Smartphones.

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