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Best 5 Navigation Apps For IPhone

Best 5 Navigation Apps For IPhone
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Apple Maps:

Many new iPhone users may be a bit upset with the functionality of the integrated Apple Maps within iOS 6. Many of the phone’s users have reported incomplete search results as well as a host of inaccurate instructions within the turn-by-turn features of the app. The last thing you want is to put trust into an inaccurate GPS system. The best thing to do is to wait until the software has been fixed and has become more reliable. The good news is that there are plenty of alternatives that you can use to get you to and from your destinations. Let’s talk about the 5 best navigation apps for iPhone and what you can expect from using them.

1.) Waze – Free

One of the best things about Waze is that it is 100% free. This GPS app offers GPS navigation and it also has the function to display detailed traffic information. It is unique in that it pulls all of its traffic information from a user created resource. Now, this can be accurate and beneficial just as long as the other Waze members are nearby. If you live in a rather secluded area, you might want to look elsewhere for traffic details.

2.) GPS by Telenav – Free

Telenav is yet another great free GPS app that has a lot of features. One thing that may turn off some potential users is that some of the more advanced apps require a monthly subscription charge. Users who vouch for the free service can expect to get turn by turn directions (without voice), landmark search, and up to date traffic and map details. The users who decide to go for the full version can expect voice functionality, rerouted directions based on road hazards or traffic jams as well as speed trap notifications.

3.) Motion X GPS – 0.99

Motion X GPS is a very affordable GPS app that has quite a bit to offer. Users will have the ability to receive driving directions, walking, running, boating and other directions and heaps of other features. The app features turn by turn directions, but in order to unlock the voice assisted directions, you must dish out 9.99 a year. This may turn some people away, but it’s still one of the more affordable GPS apps that you can find.

4.) CoPilot Live Premium HD – 12.99

CoPilot Live Premium HD is a high-end GPS app that has a lot of features and offers some great directions. This is only beneficial for those who live in the United States, as it only covers U.S. regions. In this app you will have access to a huge database of interests as well as turn by turn directions. Along with the great voice enabled directions, you can also expect to find a huge assortment of 3D and 2D maps.

5.) Navigon North America – 49.99

This app is a bit on the pricey side, but for what you’ll get with the cost, you should be more than happy. You’ll have access to many U.S., Mexico and Canadian GPS maps that integrates Google search for points of interest.

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James Thompson has worked as a hotel manager for many hotels in Zakynthos for over 10 years. He also loves contributing to the GPS software open source community.
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