Best Scrabble Apps for iPhone

There are numerous versions of scrabble games that you can play and enjoy on your iPhone. Let us now check out some of the most popular ones among them.

1.) WordFued:

Wordfued is an interesting multilayer app. It doesn’t matter if you know many words, or if you wish to develop your vocabulary skills, this surely is the right game for you. You can play the game with Wordfeud friends list or with someone from your phone contacts. You can also choose some random opponents and take them on. Moreover, you can enjoy separate games with almost thirty players.

The board on which it is played is 15 by 15. You can place and create words on it. You earn more points for your creativity by placing high scoring letter tiles on Double word and Triple word tiles. It also has a dictionary, so you can always get the required help whenever you are at loss of words. The dictionary is available in various languages like Spanish, English, Dutch, French, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. For more information on the app you can log on to

2.) Scrabble Free:

This is the official scrabble application for Android. With original scrabble rules and authentic scrabble look, it is considered to be one of the best apps. As it is a cross platform application, it allows you to play with many friends, even if they are on other platforms. It also has other handy features like built-in dictionary. Now, you won’t have to argue with your friends on whether a certain word is actually a word or not. The ‘Teacher Feature’ of this app is quite helpful for beginners. They can quickly learn and play the game.

If you are stressed out, this game can help you relax. It can also be played while travelling alone. It has a very good rating, and you can read the use reviews to know the app better. Another positive aspect of this app is that it allows you to chat while playing the game. At a time, you can play against almost 50 players.

3.) Words With Friends:

You can download words with friends and play it whenever you are free. It is priced at around $3 and can be downloaded in a minute. To make it even more exciting, you can pick random players and play the game with them. The rules are simple and you will be able to understand them quite easily.

Chatting can also be done while playing, so that you do not get bored. It is a must have app on your device, and you will certainly love playing it.

These are a few scrabble games that will make you good at word framing. If you play any of these games regularly, you will certainly see a positive change in your vocabulary. The more you play, the more you will start liking it.

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Alex has written this article. I usually take help from the website, whenever I play scrabble with my friends. It has also helped me learn new words and win most games.

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