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Cell Phone Tracking: Do You Need it?

Cell Phone Tracking: Do You Need it?

With the smartphone bazaar full to brim with innovations and top-notch hardware, the development which has blazed the trail for many others is Cell phone tracking. While the term conjures an image of a spy clad in black hiding his face with a mask, the idea has not been exactly ruled out by many. The significant increase in the number of cell phone monitoring apps on the internet have not turned stale as many employers and parents click the download button and that too for a good reason.

Spying like a boss

As BYOD (Bring your own device) sides up with employees and their privacy, we are also faced with the fact that employers are, for the welfare of the organization, is supposed to know what, when, where and how their employees are spending time at their workplace.

Assigning a smartphone for your employee and getting them a data plan might get a ‘World’s Best Boss’ mug for Christmas but that is not where you are supposed to stop at that. The smartphone might be used for Facebooking all day long while the organization has to pay for the data plan which might be spent on making personal calls. Sneaking in corners or hiding in a washroom cubicle while your employees try to wage a civil war in the organization doesn’t seem to the thing for the boss. It takes up a lot of time and effort. Monitoring your employees cell phone, it’s use and abuse helps you keep an eye on how they are utilizing their time and resources. It can also prove to be a helpful tool for measuring your employees’ productivity. If the employer is going for a top-notch spyware on the internet to monitor the cell phones of their employees, they can easily listen to calls made and received, have a look at the text messages, the contact list and the web browsing history. The spying doesn’t stop there; by issuing a simple command you can access the audio settings and the microphone of the device and get an audio recording of the surroundings of the cell phone. The employer can also get snapshots of the screen of the monitored device.

However, monitoring your employees might not be as easy in practice as on paper. Imagine asking the company’s executive’s for their smartphones so you could have them monitored. Moreover, BYOD is giving employees some legal backing too and that might restrict your way through monitoring employees.

Bringing up a teenager

For working parents who have little time and energy left after returning from their workplaces to discuss their teens problems and ups and downs in their kid’s life. Even if you believe your child to super teen who has brains and confidence to solve their own problems, they might be indulging in activities that you wouldn’t want them to be a part of. Rearing a teen while keeping in mind your principles is not easy when you are not physically present for your child is very difficult.

Cell phone tracking is one solution to that. While most teens consider their smartphone to be a vital part of their lives, it is impossible that cell phones hold a record of what they have been up to. By monitoring their cell phones, you can locate your teens even when the GPS is not working. While viewing data in the cell phone is a basic service, some software also allow you to wipe any unwanted data like videos, pictures or contacts and block certain type of communication.

Leaving all the employer and parenting woes, monitoring software can also be used as a security tool for your own smartphone. To keep out intruders, installing a cell phone monitoring app can help you keep a check on who has been doing what with your phone. In case the device gets stolen, there is nothing better than this app if you want to locate the thief.

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Jessica writes articles and blogs about the happenings in the tech world. Her readers rely on her write-ups for product reviews and critical analysis on new developments in the tracking world. She can be reached at jcarol429.
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