Choosing Good Home Theater Speakers

One of the main components of home automation is a home theater, and being able to control the home theater from a universal remote. As people design their home theater, they want to choose a good speaker system that provides quality and well-balanced sound. Consider the following tips when searching for high-quality speakers as you plan your home theater.

Start Simple

Think about purchasing a pre-matched speaker system. Even if you decide not to buy this kind of a system, reading about how they are assembled will help you with your purchase.

Use a speaker system that integrates well into your home automation. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice on how to program the speakers so that you can control them from anywhere in your home

Additionally, if you can connect the speakers to the wiring of your home security system, your home security will be more effective.

  • Mix and Match Speakers.
  • Not all electronics brands know good speaker design. If pre-matched speakers do not meet your needs and you would rather shop a la carte, be sure that they will work well with the amplifier that will be powering them.
The following is a list of the speakers you will want to have:

  1. A center channel speaker. This will sit above or below your TV. 
  2. Front left and right speakers, which will flank your TV.
  3. Two or more surround speakers, which sit behind the seating area.
  4. One or two powered subwoofers. Do not let this overpower the center channel and front speakers.
  5. Two more speakers if you have a receiver that can hold two more speaker channels.

For a cleaner look, you may want to consider placing your speakers in the wall or ceiling. If you happen to go with wall or ceiling speakers, make sure that the wall or ceiling will not affect the sound quality.

Additionally, as you connect speakers to your home automation system, make sure you know how all the automated components work together. Learn how to operate the entire home theater and separately turn on the security system. Be able to turn on the speakers without having the TV on or turn off the invasion alarm without turning off security access.

Match the Speakers to Your Room and TV

It is just as important to match speakers to the room and TV as it is for the speakers to match each other. If your TV is in a multi-purpose room, use smaller speakers that blend into the overall room design and are out of the way.

On the other hand, if you have an entire room devoted to a home theater, you can certainly use larger speakers to fill the room with high-quality sound.

Here are a few more considerations for choosing speakers:

  • Room layout and shape of your room This is one of the factors that will help you determine where to place your speakers. Knowing your room layout will help you place speakers away from foot traffic.
  • Whether to use speakers as furniture If the speakers are too large to hide with couches and shelves, make them part of the overall room design. Your guests will see the speakers and expect the great sound you know the speakers will provide. 
  • Acoustics Be mindful when placing your speakers so that the sound feels part of what you’re watching. If you place the left and right speakers too far away from the TV, they will distract you from the action on the TV.

Good sound quality is essential to a home theater. If you spend time researching good speakers, not only will you enhance your home theater and automation system, but you’ll increase the overall value of your home.

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Lindsey Patterson is a freelance writer who specializes in technology and home automation. For more information on home security systems check out Vivint reviews.

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