Getting The Most Out Of Your Smart Phone

Getting The Most Out Of Your Smart Phone
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If you’re a smartphone owner, chances are, you’re probably overwhelmed when choosing apps. While some people refuse to put more than one or two apps on their sound, others end up with far too many, slowing down their phone and not getting much use out of them. If you want to know how to make more out of your smartphone apps, use these tips to choose the best select apps for your phone.

Figure Out What You Need

What is the one thing that you wish your phone could do? Many people sit down and write a list, which may seem time consuming, but can turn out to be helpful. Do you want your phone to work as a GPS, store shopping lists, be able to find restaurants close? Figure out the top five or ten functions that you want to see in your phone. There are apps for almost everything today, so don’t feel limited. Keep your list to 15 items or less if you want to maintain the speed of your phone.

Do your research after you have your list, search for apps and read what each app does and if it will be the best thing for your life style. If you want an app that tracks your running progress, look through a few of the many options before choosing one. Each app has slightly different specifications and browsing through a few before settling on one will make sure that you get the most use out of every app.

Limit Yourself

You may be tempted to choose multiple apps for the same function, but chances are you won’t use these. For instance, there are multiple free news apps that are great for travelers who want to stay current. However, having 5 news apps is only going to clutter your phone and be redundant. You probably can get by with one or at the most, two newspaper apps. Try to stick with just one app for everything on your list of “must-haves” and avoid adding apps that you already have similar versions.

Break Out Your Wallet

There are many free apps and most of these free offers are great! Chances are, you can probably get the apps you want without spending a penny. However, in some instances, you may be better off paying a few bucks for one of your apps. This applies to Rippln mobile especially if you consider the benefits it brings. This goes back to the quality idea. A free app that doesn’t do what you ask it to be worthless. If you pay a few bucks for an app that you’ll use three times as much as a free one, you’re getting your money’s worth.

Switch It Out

Everyone changes and you’ll find that the apps you originally chose for your phone may not be needed after a few months. Just like you spring clean your home, don’t be afraid to spring clean your phone. Periodically check through your apps and find out which ones you’re really not practicing anymore. This will help you to get the most use from each app and avoid slowing down your phone.

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