Here’s Exactly How Your IPhone Can Save You Money Around The House

Who doesn’t want an excellent deal on everything? In today’s world of smartphones and amazing applications associated with them, your iPhone can be a gateway to an entire world of saving on every sort of services and products imaginable. All you need to do is gain some information on the applications that can prove to be effective in saving your money.

We have outlined below some incredible iPhone applications that have proven over time that money can be saved with little effort. The apps discussed below are chosen from a variety of different categories in order to help you save on almost everything from fancy shoes to hotels.

1.) Pushpins (Immediate Grocery Savings)

Price: Free

Clipping different grocery coupons is not easy and highly time-consuming. For one thing, you need to sort them through your newspaper and junk mail. Then you need to browse through all the coupons and decide what you need to purchase. And finally, you spend hours and hours cutting them out and arranging them according to your requirements for the next trip to the grocery store.

The Pushpins app has made it much easier for you buy groceries at a discounted price. All you need to do is go to the grocery store and scan the items you want to buy. The saving coupon, if available, is automatically added to the shopper card. The app applied the coupon to the register for you. Are you ready to ditch those annoying pair of scissors? Check out Pushpins!!!

2.) Groupon

Price: Free

Groupon has proved to be one of the most popular iPhone applications so far. It has been a huge hit with all the iPhone owners. Did you know that Groupon has been among the most discussed saving applications last year? The basic idea of this application is to find and buy great deals in your vicinity. Buying a coupon might seen unusual and a little strange to your at first, but the savings that comes with are normally obvious enough to make you realize whether or not you are getting an excellent deal.

A typical Groupon deal might include 20 USD in food at any local restaurant for just 10 USD, which is incredible when you plan to eat out often. Although it is an amazing saving application, it might not work very well for the areas that are not highly populated. However, if you live in a metro city, you would definitely be benefiting from it, and you are highly recommended to download Groupon app for iPhone right away…


Price: Free

Whoever loves to save their hard earned money loves on This website gives you loads of printable coupons that can easily be applied to your shopper card. This app might fall a little short of the entire website, but if you are interested in coupons immediately, it is the only way to do so. It is a free iPhone app that makes even more desirable. If you are a big fan of coupons, we recommend you to download this app immediately.

4.) GasBuddy (Makes it easier for you to find cheap gas prices)

Price: 2.99 USD

Who doesn’t hate overpaying at the gas station? As the gas prices soar higher than before, you have incentive to look around and find an ideal deal before filling up your tank. Fuel Finder, formerly known as GasBuddy, is an amazing iPhone application that makes it easier to save cash every time the gauge hits E.

Although offers you a free official app now, many users still prefer Fuel finder’s robust features and slick interface. Fuel Finder not only shows you the cheapest gas place, but also tells you about the cheapest stations in your area. It also comes with a customized savings calculator that helps you save money on your car. Above all, if you fail to make it to the specified gas station, this iPhone application connects you to roadside assistance. Also, it enables you to get in touch with your account at the website, which allows you to get the finest of both worlds.

5.) Scandit

Price: Free

The idea behind this application is very simple: you are in the store thinking about purchasing a particular product. The product can be anything from a television to a book. You wonder if the store you are standing in is giving you the best deal in the town as they claim. All you need to do is whip your iPhone out and snap a shot of the barcode. It will show you the prices of the same product at other stores near you plus the costs offered by the online retailers.

There are a great number of applications with similar functionality available on the App store, but his particular iPhone app is both popular and free. With tons of positive ratings from thousands of satisfied customers, Scandit is one of the finest in this category. If you want to be a savvy shopper, it is time for you to download this app!

6.) Happy Hours

Price: Free

Whether you are family man searching for a suitable place to take your family or kids or a causal drinker looking for places to hand out, Happy Hours app is going to cater you well. It provides you with all the necessary information related to the restaurant in your area. Far beyond special deals on drinks, Happy Hours app normally comes with finest deals on delicious desserts and classy appetizers.

With this awesome iPhone app, it is incredibly simple to find specials in your neighborhood. It also comes with a filter that lets you know about the venues with specialized amenities like live entertainment and free Wi-Fi service.

7.) SalesCast

Price: Free

Do you have a little more sophisticated interested than groceries and cheap gas stations? SalesCast is the app to download! It helps you find discounted offers on many online retailing websites that specialize in high-end fashion, such as Billion Dollar Babes, HauteLook, Rue La La, Ideeli, and Candy’s Swirl.

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