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Laptop Screen Cleaning Tips

Most homes in the UK now have access to at least one home computer, and in many cases this computer is a laptop. Laptops are designed to be carried between locations and it’s this portability which makes them an all-purpose machine. Even though laptops are made from tough components they can still be broken if dropped or if treated incorrectly. And one of the areas which is most prone to damage is the laptop screen.

Laptop screens should be treated carefully. They are essentially an active matrix display using either CCFL or LED lighting technology. This can be broken if dropped or the thin film protecting the display can be scratched if it is not cleaned correctly.

Some of the cleaning tips which should be employed when cleaning a laptop screen include:

Never use alcohol-based cleaning solutions:

It’s a good idea to NEVER use any alcohol or solvent-based products to clean your laptop screen. The screen may not be made from glass and if it is instead made from a plastic-type material contact with alcohol or solvent solutions may damage the screen.

Don’t use tissues or paper towel:

It’s best not to use tissues or paper towel to clean a laptop screen. Both these products contain tiny wood fibres, which no matter how small, may leave tiny scratches on the screen if it is repeatedly wiped using these items.

It’s best not to use water:

Although water is inert and is a good cleaning medium, using plain water on a laptop screen may leave watermarks on the screen due to the minerals inherently found within its make up.

Never spray the screen – always spray the cloth:

Microfibre cleaning cloths are the best things to use to clean the screen but if you are using a spray cleaning solution don’t be tempted to spray the screen. Water sprayed onto the screen may work its way into the screen behind the screen bezel. There are lots of electrical connections behind the bezel which won’t take kindly to being doused with water.

Don’t rub too hard:

Even if you use a microfibre cleaning cloth the screen may be damaged or scratched if you rub too hard. If you have a stain on the screen it’s best to let it soak by damping it with solution rather than trying to wipe it away at the first time of asking.

You can use commercial screen wipes:

If you want a quick and easy way to clean a laptop screen it’s worth buying a tub of ready to use screen wipes. These will be sealed in a packet or a tub and will be slightly damp, so marks can easily be removed. These wipes will have been rigorously tested on screens already and will provide a safe and effective way to clean the screen.

Author Bio:

Jenny Frost is an IT manager at a large company. She has to look after hundreds of laptop computers and make sure they are always working correctly. If she needs a new laptop screen for one of her devices she uses

A tech blogger by passion!

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