Last Minute Tweaks To Your Computer

Last Minute Tweaks To Your Computer
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When you’re a gamer, there is nothing like the feeling of starting up a new computer for the first time. Whether you bought one pre-built from a site or assembled it piece by piece yourself, hitting the power button that first time is great. And while you might be content to start playing on the machine as is, there are a few last upgrades and tweaks you can make to your computer to get even more speed and power out of it. Follow these tips for an even better gaming experience on your new PC.

Add some fans

Fans require very little power and can not only help you Increase the speed of your computer, but its shelf life, as well. Fans will keep everything running nice and smoothly and hopefully keep that beast of a graphics card running in tiptop shape. Keeping the heat low will also make your computer work less and perform better. Unfortunately, water-cooling is too hard to integrate at the last minute, so fans are the go-to options for keeping an already built computer cool.

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Now overclock that processor:

If you have an upgraded fan system or water-cooling, feel free to overclock your processor a little bit. High-end processors and motherboards make overclocking a breeze, and even upping it a little bit can give you a big performance increase. If you’re feeling a little more daring and don’t mind replacing your processor every year or so, clock it up a bit more. But for the most part, a few slides up will be all you need.

Make sure your monitor is HD ready

After sinking a large amount of money into your computer, it can be a bummer to realize your monitor is not up to par. Today’s graphics are all in stunning high definition and require a DVI or HDMI connection to fully appreciate. In fact, a lot of graphics cards today don’t even support VGA, which is what most old monitors use. Fortunately, HD monitors are relatively inexpensive. There are also several to choose from, so getting exactly what you’re looking for isn’t hard.

Get an SSD

While relatively new, and still a little expensive, solid state drives are the way to go if you really want to add one final speed boost to your computer. They don’t have too much storage space on them, but booting from an SSD and installing your most popular games on it will give you increased performance across the board over a hard drive. They are extremely quiet, too!

Get the most out of your Internet

For online games, a slow Internet can make even the fastest computer obsolete. To prevent a slow or spotty Internet connection from hurting your gaming, invest in a network accelerator. Network accelerators are easy to install and can give you the boost you’re looking for – wirelessly or hardwired. The standard HBA on your motherboard is fine if you aren’t having problems, but even a fast Internet can become faster with a specialized HBA and network card.

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