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Make Your Road-Trips Exciting With These Apps

Make Your Road-Trips Exciting With These Apps
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With the bright summer around, almost everyone’s making plans for picnics, trips, and more travel. Road trips can be fun and adventurous, but confirming on the right pit stop could be tricky. With mobile apps designed for all your needs, it surely does make your road trip easier and exciting.

If you are planning on an adventurous road trip, but not sure about the plan of action, here come some of the best mobile apps to guide you through the entire trip and make it memorable.

1.) Waze Social GPS, Maps & Traffic

The smartest navigational solution that provide services like – crowdsourcing fuel prices, real time traffic data, alert on road hazards and speed traps, and help you save time and money. With the help of Waze, you can easily find out the nearest and the cheapest community gas station, keep your friends posted about your joy ride with a real-time map showing your location, fully voice guided navigation, report on any road closures with real time data and much more. The app is a perfect solution to make any road trip hassle free and memorable.

2.) Food Tripping

The GPS designed app helps the user to find the nearest food joints, juice corners, farmers’ market, breweries, etc. with one of the best user interface, the app provides the best database with healthy and popular food stuffs, various food category, popular food joints, new business offering suggestion, sharing details through social media, and much more. FoodTripping app is available for both iOS and Android platform.

3.) Serendipitor

Worried about getting lost in a road trip or trying to find a route, Serendipitor comes to the rescue. The user can simply put up the starting point and the desired destination, and the app provides the road map for the route. It gives you a systematic direction guide, which makes the navigation easier. The app also gives its user some fun detours and location, which can make your road trip even more exciting. The app definitely offers the best of hassle free travel.

4.) Hotel Tonight

This is one is specifically for the sudden multiday trips, where you just hit the road and later realize you are yet to book a hotel. Hotel Tonight is specially designed for all those adventure travelers, who can grab the best and last –minute deals with the help of this app. One of the biggest adventures about the app is that it provides last minute hotel deal over 12 countries.

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