Pros And Cons Of IPhones

Pros And Cons Of IPhones
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There is a great deal of buzz in the smart phone arena as of late. With the HTC Droid DNA and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy4 giving iPhone a run for its money. With the new kids on the block many are wondering where iPhone stands in what it provides. This article will not be a comparison review, mainly because the iPhone will probably appeal to a different kind of person that the Android operated phones. This will be more of a pro and con evaluation of the iPhone 5.


For the past 6+ years the iPhone has established itself as the ultimate in smartphones. The iPhone almost made the Blackberry obsolete. What makes the iPhone a constant, even with the challenge of the up and comers, is its dependability. The IOS system through which the iPhone operates is the easiest one of the most dependable on the market. It allows for easy interface navigation and system storage. With the iPhone, most every function is a touch or a swipe away. The S model also allows for ultimate voice management of the phone.

Because the iPhone is the most popular phone on the market there are numerous applications for almost any service and company you can imagine. You can do your banking, shopping, and numerous other tasks through applications without ever going directly to your web-browser. The applications are designed to store all of the user’s information, so that the user does not have enter that information on each visit, exposing their personal information.

The iPhone also allows for easy music and video downloads through the Apple Store. The Apple Store provides a secure place to locate and download your favorite songs and movies. You can also integrate you iPhone with your iTunes application which will help you manage your applications as well as allow you to store all of your music and movie files. iTunes also allows you to sync all of your information to the iCloud for safe keeping.

One of the most powerful pros to owning an iPhone is the access to Apples’ exceptional customer care. Apple is widely recognized as an industry leader in customer service and customer satisfaction.


When it comes to the cons to owning an iPhone, there would be very few, but they are worth mentioning.

One of the things that makes this phone special can also be a hang up for some users. The fact that you have to go the through the iPhone store to download anything can be a little annoying. Even if you find an application that you want on the web, you will have to go through the iStore to purchase and download it.

Another con is the inability to personalize the phone at any extensive level. There are no aftermarket themes that will allow you to make your iPhone your own.

Though the phone has improved in the area of durability it is still the most damaged smartphone on the market.

In short, the iPhone is dependable and predictable. It does not provide the frills of some of the up and comers, but it has a track record of being trustworthy.

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