Social Media – Making Our World Even Smaller

There was a point in time where hearing from friends or knowing the latest news stories happened to be more of a rare treat as opposed to something that you could constantly check. It wasn’t until social media and networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and others took off along with the use of smart phones that we are continually connected to everyone we know and follow. This trend of social media has helped us not only remain connected but makes the world we live in much smaller.

How is social media making our world smaller?

One of the most interesting parts of social media has to be the fact that most of us have a smart phone that is connected to these networks all day long. It makes it very easy to quickly make comments on news, stories, share photos, give followers video clips, and be part of the conversations that are going on. It’s easy to become part of a conversation with people that you may or may not have met before interacting with other people constantly. It not only makes it easy to talk with friends and family but people who live in other nations that you share interests along with.

Is this kind of connectivity a good thing?

While there are complaints about people being too addicted to devices like the stereotypical teenager on the smart phone or even those who fall for the misinformation that is on social networks at times, this connectivity is merely an outlet for people to express who they are and what they think. Some of it is great while some is not. All in all, being connected like this is something many enjoy.

This type of connectivity allows many of us to stay informed about various news, stories, local events, popular projects, charity initiatives, family issues, and the lives of friends. For many, this can make it so much easier to keep up with what is going on in an otherwise busy world.

How are people staying connected?

Many are either going directly to the social media sites, using smart phone apps, following blogs, or even using websites that allow them to consolidate all their feeds and interests in one spot. One of these that is fairly interesting is called Dwibbles that will literally learn what you read the most so that the most relevant information will be right there on the page which is easy to read and access.

If you haven’t checked out social media and networking sites, it might be something that you could find to be interesting. Since it does keep us connected and make the world a bit smaller by interacting with others, it’s something fun and valuable to look into.

Author Bio:

Eric Santos is a blogger, problem solver, and entrepreneur. Eric is the Co-Founder of Dwibbles, and the CEO of Soshowise. Eric received a B.S in Entrepreneurship from CSUF. Eric has served as an Account Manager for the survey software company Decipher, and have managed accounts for clients such as eBay and PayPal. Eric has done some social media consulting in the past.

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