The 10 Must Have IPhone And IPad Financial Apps

Most people use their iPhones and iPads everyday. There are many things that one can do with these devices thanks to the many apps available. If you are a trader or would like a way to make the organization and supervision of your finances easier, there are several iPhone as well as iPad financial apps that are a must have for you. Here is a look at the 10 must have iPad and iPhone financial apps.


This is currently only an app for iPhone but discussions to develop an iPad version are ongoing. This app allows you to get a quick outline of your accounts and financial alerts online. This app is an ideal compliment when utilizing their website and it is free.

2.) The Wall Street Journal

This app is free of charge to download but you have to be a Wall Street Journal subscriber to gain access through your iPad or iPhone. Both iPhone and iPad versions are fully functional and feature videos from the website.

3.) E*Trade Mobile Pro

This is among the best financial apps there is. It allows you to trade anytime and anywhere. This app is free and can be used by anyone including those who are not E*Trade customers.

4.) Barron’s iPad App

This allows you to get the leading financial magazine through your iPad. There is no iPhone version of this app and iPad users have to be Barron’s subscribers to gain access to it. Buying an online edition of this app is cheaper than going for the print edition.

5.) 1Password

This is not actually a financial app but very worth to be in the list. It is the best app for managing your passwords as well as other financial information. This app has 2 components to it: a desktop app, and iPad or iPhone app. the desktop app is available for both Windows and Macintosh.

6.) Yahoo! Finance

This app allows you to follow a similar watch list available through Yahoo! Finance website and you can access the same superb Tech Ticker video interviews. Besides, you can research a stock and acquire the latest news.

7.) TradeKing Mobile

This app was recently released and offers the basics. However, it has adequate features for the busy trader. It is an iPhone app but there are plans to have an iPad edition released in the near future.

8.) CNBC RT for the iPad

An iPhone and iPad app that allows you access to the most recent financial news. You can watch the videos of your preferred CNBC programs as well since it contains a streaming ticker at its bottom part. This app is free of charge to download and the iPhone app has similar features with the iPad edition.

9.) TurboTax SnapTax

This app is perfect if you need to file your taxes using the national 1040-EZ form. Just scan your W-2, respond to some questions, review and then submit. This is a very useful financial app.

10.) Fidelity Investments for iPad

This app helps you to get the most recent financial news. You can trade plus monitor your watch list, if you hold an account with Fidelity, making it best for Fidelity subscribers. You can get a good number of the features that are available on their website.

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