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Top 2 Apps For Flickr Users

With DSLR cameras becoming more accessible to ordinary consumers, photo sharing and photo print products has almost become a norm in our society. Now with a mobile device one can take almost unlimited shots of one’s favorites and store, organize and create a photo album off them. Additionally, there are also almost endless lists of photo editing apps designed to help people better create stunning photos and storystreams with their shots. One of such apps with remarkable recommendation is Picasa.

Picasa is a popular image organizer and viewer used for organizing and editing digital photos. It is integrated with a photo sharing website called Picasa Web Albums (PWA) to enable users share their photos with ease.

Now, a very similar website to PWA is Flickr, a popular media hosting website where people host and share their personal photographs. However, Flickr has become the media home on which bloggers host the images they embed in their blogs and social media thereby making it one of the biggest media host on the internet. If you are one of those who use Flickr almost on daily basis or perhaps an individual who just fancy this photo platform, here are the top 3 apps you should consider having installed in your device to enhance your Flickr experience.

Flickit Pro

Flickit Pro

Flickit Pro is an app designed to enhance Flickr experience on iPhones, iPod Touch and iPad. It is a product from the Green Volcano Software and requires iOS 4.0 and later.

Basic features:

Photoflow – A clean photo navigation feature resembling Cover Flow on iPods or in iTunes. Additionally, users can enable the tilt ‘mode’ so they can scroll through photos using their device accelerometer.

Infinite Scrolls – Perhaps you have a photostream on Flickr with thousands of photos. With Flickit Pro you can just scroll through them endlessly as a single list of photos without any waiting time that may distract your browsing.

Batch Uploads – Flickit Pro enables users to upload their photos in batches instead of one by one. Additionally, users can also choose sets, tags or groups, and set metadata defaults. You can also auto post to twitter and other logging services, and if you are using a device with 3GS, you can even upload videos.

Favorite Contacts – With Flickit Pro you can create a customized list of favorite contacts so you get to follow only your family and friends or get updates only from those your cherish their work.

In addition to all these cutting edge features, Flickit Pro will also allow you to get details on photos, including reading comments on them and being able to add your own comments. You can also view Flickr videos, find photos with keyword search, view nearby photos and explore other interesting photos on Flickr right from your mobile device. Flickr Pro sells for a mere $4.99.

What The Users Think of Flickit:

Flickit Pro is a popular app that has gained way too much popularity among Flickr lovers because of the wealth of features it provides. Many users have used and continue to recommend this app based on its ease of use, the ability to multi-upload and organize photos in a way to suit the user. This is the one app that combines almost all features of other 3rd party apps for Flickr, even those that couldn’t be found on other apps. For instance, while no other app supports putting photos into multiple sets, Flickit Pro allowed a user to conduct a 365 project right from his device.


  • Supports multiple photo uploads.
  • Upload and view videos.
  • Cutting edge photo organizing features.
  • Exceptional photo navigation features.


App might be slow on some devices. If this happens to you be sure you are using the latest version and running on the recommended iOS.

FlickFolio for Flickr

FlickFolio for Flickr

FlickFolio is an app designed to facilitate Flickr photo gallery organizing and batch uploads from Android devices. It is a perfect app that excels at offline viewing.


FlickFolio grows with your device – It is perfect for tablets running on Honeycomb (Android 3.0), comes with a native functionality that is ICS (Android 4.0) ready, and decodes JPG on Android 2.3.3+ devices.

Supports offline viewing – With FlickFolio, you can auto download your photos and take them anywhere you go with you. To make sure this doesn’t interface with other commands on your device, the auto downloads are made small and syncs when your phone is charging.

Unlimited exploration – Explore Flickr to its fullest; find photos that interest you, create contacts, find groups and create favorites. Find details to reach photo, see their comment and add your own comments.

Make stunning presentations – You can use FlickFolio to make a clean presentation to family and friends or to your clients. The app automatically optimizes your photo size to fit your device; your phone or tablet.

Supports batch uploads – You can upload photos in batches in the background while you do other things with your device. You can simply share photos from your gallery with FlickFolio to upload them or set up your auto uploads to add your photos and videos to your photostream.

Ease of use with amazing UI – FlickFolio comes with an amazing user interface that is not only easy to use but presents all the control options in a clean pattern. You can view photos in full screen slideshows, move photos between albums, upload with geolocation and share your photos via email, facebook and twitter.

It is reasonably priced – Regardless of all its features, FlickFolio sells for $2.99

What The Users Think of FlickFolio:

With a dominant of 5 star ratings on independent review sites like, and on some app listing sites, FlickFolio seems to have built a huge database of well satisfied users. Users love its boatload of functionalities, customization and control options. The fact that one can schedule batch uploads at the background which doesn’t interface with other activities on the device made it a worthy app for some users. Additionally, many people loved that they were able to get such a great app at fewer than 3 bucks.


  • Supports batch uploads.
  • Auto optimizes image to fit device screen.
  • Accommodates different Android OS versions and grows with your device.
  • Provides great offline access to photos.


A few customers had problems with logging in and staying logged in on Kindle Fire device.

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