Top Travel Apps For Android Mobile Phones

Top Travel Apps For Android Mobile Phones
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In the last few years, we have seen how the Android OS has literally taken over the smartphone industry. There are numerous apps designed especially for this operating system. In this post we will look at some of the best travel apps for Android powered smartphones. Although most of the apps are for free, there are a few of them that come with nominal price tags.

Why use apps while travelling?

Well, the apps give you all the latest information about the new places you visit. It is always better to make informed choices, especially while travelling to new places. You can get all the information on weather conditions, availability of tickets, making hotel reservations, booking cars, traffic updates, and currency exchange rates. Get these apps today if you are planning on travelling anytime soon.


This is a free Android app, which helps in booking hotels and finding information on available accommodation facilities in a new place. Airbnb will help you in making all the bookings at any given location while traveling.

XE Currency

This is a currency converter Android based app. It will help you in finding the most updated currency exchange rates. You could save money during your travel if you have the latest information on the exchange rates.


This one is identified as one of the finest travel apps. It is simple to use and it helps you in managing your travel itinerary perfectly. You can take help of the app and book your hotel room or flights. Worldmate is surely a must have app for all travelers.

Wi-Fi finder

Use this app to find Wi-Fi spots wherever you are. Download Wi-Fi finder and use it to locate internet connections on your portable devices. Of course, you will have to ask for network passwords with the connection owners.


We all use Skype to communicate with people living across the globe. It is a very reliable app that helps you stay connected with your workplace and family members while you are traveling. To get started, just download Skype on your mobile phone, and start talking to your loved ones. It also comes with call conferencing feature.


This app assists you while driving. It alerts you about traffic jams, road accidents, police checking, etc. With the help of this app, you can avoid the high traffic roads and reach your travel destinations on time.


Businessmen can easily manage their busy travel schedules by using Tripit. It helps in making travel arrangements efficiently. Any businessperson will benefit from this particular app. Booking, reservation, meeting details, and all other information can be saved and managed efficiently.


This app is available online for free, and it gives weather updates while traveling. It is always a wish thing to check the weather conditions before you plan your trip. It allows you to be prepared for bad weather conditions.

These travel apps enhance your travel experiences, so why not use them.

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