Your Life Is In That Computer. Back It Up Properly!

Your Life Is In That Computer. Back It Up Properly!
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Computers are everything these days, in quite a literal sense. They are no longer just used to write papers or complete some work project. They are a portal into our social lives with social media, they contain and play all of our music, and, perhaps most importantly, they store most of our digital pictures. It feels good to have all your information stored in one, easy-to-access machine, but there is always the fear of losing the information. That is why now, more than ever, it is important to back up your computer.

But, what files should you backup and what options are available when it comes to Properly saving your important data? The simple answer is that you should back up whatever files are important to you. As far as options that are available, most experts recommend that you use the rule of threes when it comes to storage. This means that you should have a local backup, such as a physical DVD or external hard drive, you should have an off-site backup like an online cloud storage account, and you should have a copy that is saved on your computer. Although this may sound excessive, you can rest assured that you will never lose any of your important data.

Files Can Become Corrupted And Unreadable:

There are a variety of ways a computer can lose information, and, with digital media, it is all too easy to lose information. One of the easiest ways to lose your pictures is if they become corrupted. Only a tech junkie would be able to describe exactly how it happens, but, in layman’s terms, something about the file becomes unplayable. It could be as something as simple as the name of the file or the code that allows the file to be displayed on the computer. This can happen for a variety of reasons; one of which is as simple as updating the software on your computer. This random loss of personal multimedia should lead you to want to back up those files.

Physical Loss Or Damage Is A Concern:

Physical loss is another way that you can lose the files on your computer. There are a couple of different ways to physically lose your computer and the first of those ways is damage. There could be a flood, a short in the electrical system of your apartment or you could just drop the laptop out in public. A powerful magnet could even wipe the computer clean in the right circumstances. It doesn’t matter if you have a desk top computer at home or you travel around with a laptop, there are a variety of ways to physically damage your computer to the point where you lose your information.

Theft Happens:

Theft is another horrific way to lose your personal info. I have heard countless stories of people going on vacation with their laptop so they could take as many photos and videos as possible. Then they’d store the info on their computer to free up space in their camera and, boom; they lose their computer to theft; a lifetime worth of memories gone.

Since you can lose you data physically to damage or theft it is better to use a cloud backup service. A service where you can upload all your info to the internet so you can access it at any time and there is no risk of physical loss.

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