3 Apps Every Parent Needs

Becoming a parent will make your life incredibly, significantly busier – no doubt about that. I grew up in a large family so there was always some sort of chaos with the younger kids. If it be potty training, what they needed to eat, cleaning up after them, making sure they were doing their homework, or whatever else, there is always something to do. Although there is good news and there is help! If you know where to look, there are many tools available to help you with your kids. Here are a few apps that can offer some help to a parent in need.

1.) Fooducate

Not only can this app be helpful to you and help you lose weight, but if you’re concerned about what your child is eating this app is just for you. In this app you able to grade you food and tell you whats really in it. You can scan a product and then it will tell you the real ingredients and how healthy it really is, and then give you a healthier option of what you could eat. This has the largest market available of UPCs with over 200,000 products ad more being added. This app was rated as the number one iPhone Health and Fitness category in the Apple App Store, 1st Prize in US Surgeon General Healthy App Challenge, and was even featured on Oprah, ABC, FOX, and others. This is a fantastic app for anyone wanting to keep a close eye on what they eat and what they’re feeding their children.

2.) alarm.com

This app is great for anyone with a family. What this app does is it links up to your home security systems and allows you to monitor and control every part of your home security system from the app. You can control the lights, unlock or lock the doors, control the thermostat, and even set up certain wall plugs to be turned on or off from the app. So if you accidentally left your curling iron on you could turn off the wall plug from your app. This app is perfect for anyone that has babysitters as well. The app can also link up to any home security cameras you have so you could keep a close eye on you kids and your babysitter at all times.

3.) 2Do: Tasks Done in Style

Moms are known for their multitasking, but all that mental energy and trying to remember everything can bring on a lot of stress and frustration. With this app you can sync all of your to-do lists in one place. This app can go from a simple checklist – to a huge project manager. It’s incredibly easy to use and allows you to prioritize your to-do list so you don’t get anything mixed up or misplaced. It can sync from your dropbox, iCloud, Yahoo, and a lot more. You can even tell Siri to remind you of something and it will sync to this app.

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