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How Apple is Ruling the World? [Infographic]

Apple is ruling the world of technology by telling the world what it needs. Steve Jobs and Apple dream up new technology and market it in such a way that everyone feels they have to have the newest technology and gadgets. Apple’s iPad was the first to allow people to wirelessly connect to the internet to read papers, books and surf the internet.

Apple is taking advantage of the fact that at least half of Americans own smart phones. Apple continues to create and market smart phone applications. More and more people are buying tablets. Apple has sold almost twelve million iPads. Currently, over half of Apple’s sales come from Asia.

Stock prices are soaring. In fact, Apple is planning to buy back some stock. Apple seems to know what customers want, and they know how to develop, create, market and place these products on the shelves long before any other company. In the last five years alone, Apple has sold 365 million items.

How Apple is Ruling the World?

Source: Apple is #Winning

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