How To Use Technology To Get The Right Job?

How To Use Technology To Get The Right Job?
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For those who used to do things the old way and have had the same job for many years, you may be shocked to find that newspaper ads are no longer commonly used to find job positions. The internet era is now in full force and you will need to adapt to these new technologies if you are interested in obtaining a good job nowadays. There are several different ways that technology is integrated into job searches and using these new technology forms is an essential part of finding a job.

Do More Than Visiting A Job Website:

As noted above, newspaper ads are no longer commonly used to locate job positions. While there are job listings sites online which are used and serve the same purpose, these sites are only part of the puzzle associated with getting a good job. In addition to simply browsing a job site, you will have to integrate other forms of technology to improve the chances of finding a job. One way to do so is to save a job search into some of these websites. When new positions are added to the site that fit the criteria that you are searching for, you will be contacted regarding these job positions. You can even set your smartphone to provide you with alerts when these new job postings are available through emails or other feeds. This will allow you to be a quick responder to new job postings and can thereby improve the possibility that you will be selected to be interviewed for the position.

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Do Not Down-play The Power of Social Media:

Companies that are looking for new employees often will perform a search on all job applicants. Having a presence on social media is commonly used as a way to cross-reference your credentials and to allow you to demonstrate to a potential employer your qualifications beyond what may be included on your resume or job application. While certain social media websites are designated for business, you should make sure that you have a positive presence on several different sites in order to aide a human resource manager in finding out additional information regarding who you are. Getting involved in writing articles on these sites and taking part in groups in a positive manner will also show your expertise to potential employers and may lead to job opportunities. This is true even if you are not currently looking for a job. Having a strong social media presence expands your reputation and web presence which may lead to your landing the right job for you.

Consider an Online CV/ Portfolio Blog:

Another way to use technology to help you land the right job position is through the creation of a blog that demonstrates your knowledge and passion for the industry and career that you are pursuing. If you can turn your blog into a resource center you will be able to convert this usage of technology into possible future job opportunities. By integrating your passions and your profession, you may not even need to search for a new job. The new job may come to you through interested employers.

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