Interesting Facts That You Didn’t Know About Your Smartphone

Interesting Facts About SmartPhone
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Smartphones are amazing devices that have greater capabilities than supercomputers used to twenty to thirty years ago. Technology moves fast and technology that once needed to be housed in a large room now fits in your pocket. The amazing features of smartphones have become commonplace however and what once amazed us now just seems commonplace. Here are six facts that you didn’t know about your smartphone that you may find amazing and compelling.

Usage Amongst Smartphone Owners:

Smartphones have been growing in popularity steadily ever since they were first introduced in 2001. It is estimated that the number of smartphones in existence by 2015 will be approximately 1.5 to 2 billion. That means that there is likely to be one smartphone for every six to seven people alive, which is quite amazing. In the United States, current smartphone usage equates to 35% of adults having a smartphone. People are also spending tons of time using their smartphones. On average, people check their smartphones 150 times per day which equates to once every six to seven minutes. What are people primary using smartphones for? That depends on the country that the user is living in. Usage tends to fluctuate widely from country to country though with social media being less popular in Japan and restaurant apps being more popular in the United States.

Apps have grown in popularity in recent years as well due to improved download speeds and an increase in the number of computer programmers designing new applications. Having said that, approximately 90% of apps that are downloaded are only used ten times or less once they are downloaded. What types of apps are being used by individuals? Approximately 60% of smartphones are used to play games though health apps are also prominently featured on many cell phones with approximately 90% of smartphones having a health or fitness app on it.

Cell Phone Costs:

Those text messages that you send do not cost your cell phone provider a thing. That is because the size of text messages are small enough to be inserted in data transfers by your cell phone provider that fit neatly into the spectrum that cell phone companies rent from the government. The space a text message uses is less than the space used to set up the transmittal of information between a call tower and a phone. As a result, the cost to a provider is zero and the amount you pay is all profit to a cell phone provider. The most expensive part of a smartphone is the screen. Touchscreens have grown in complexity and sensitivity and the cost of these screens have grown in accordance with these technologies. Gorilla glass, commonly used on iPhones and other smartphones are durable and sensitive to touch and have led to new functionality for smartphones. The presence of these sensitive touchscreens have led to a decrease in popularity of other input devices for smartphones including pens, points, physical keyboards, and scroll wheels, all of which were used when smartphones were first introduced to consumers.


Smartphones are continuing to revolutionize the cell phone world and have become ever more popular in recent years. While it is difficult to predict what direction smartphones will head, they are bound to become more powerful and add new functionality for users. As this occurs, expect smartphones to become even more common amongst users.

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