Making Money With YouTube

Making Money With YouTube

Previously we have published an article on “Learn How To Create YouTube Videos With These Three Tips For Beginners” followed by that here is an article for you which explains how to convert your videos into money making machine.

Many people have been turning to YouTube over the past few years to make a little extra income on the side. Others, have been able to make a full-time business out of uploading videos to YouTube. Odds are, that if you are good at doing something, and you make an informative video about it, then people will watch.

What Makes A Good Video?

One of the most popular types of videos on YouTube are makeup tutorials. Many people make a living out of filming their makeup habits. Whether it’s a makeup tutorial, a makeup haul, or a how-to video, there are so many different types of videos being uploaded every day, and just as many people are watching them.

Other types of popular videos are pregnancy blogs, day-in-the-life-videos, video diaries, and music videos – such as cover songs, karaoke songs, or ones which have their lyrics posted along with the song.

Monetization Counts:

Once a YouTube channel earns subscribers you can begin to monetize your videos. For each person who clicks to watch your video, they will have to watch a short clip of a commercial before your video begins playing. Each time a commercial plays, you will earn money. The more subscribers you have on your channel, and the more people who watch your videos, the more money you can make.

If your channel becomes very popular, sponsors will start to take notice. You many even start receiving free samples from the companies. When a sample is sent to someone who has a YouTube channel, it usually relates to the topic of conversation. Many sponsors will send you free items and ask you to give them a brief mention in your video, or even ask you to do a full review.

Once you have gained sponsor attention they might even pay you for your services. If you refer enough people to their company, they will give you a percentage of credit for every new customer gained.

Now, its important to remember when creating a YouTube channel that you must own all of the information you are sharing with your viewers. You can’t include any music that is copyrighted, or protected by its owner. Also, your videos will have to be original and not copied from any other source.

Share On Social Media:

Sharring Your YouTube Videos on Social Media.
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Another great idea is to share your YouTube videos over social media. This will help you to gain new subscribers and viewers. You might even think of hosting a giveaway. By offering something to your viewers, you can ask them to like and subscribe to your videos in return for an entry into the giveaway. You may also ask them to share your videos across social media as a bonus entry, which will help you gain even more subscribers. You could host a giveaway once every month or so – this will keep your audience coming back to your channel in hopes to win something for participating.

When you have acquired a large viewing audience, YouTube may even approach you to be featured on their front page. This will showcase your channel to millions of YouTube viewers world-wide. As your fan-base grows, so will your income.

It doesn’t take much to get started earning money from YouTube. All you basically need is a camera, some good lighting, and a great topic to talk about, or teach others how to do. It’s also important to be comfortable talking into your camera. If you aren’t able to explain exactly what you are doing in your video, then others might not be able to follow along. Your video should be interesting and keep your audience entertained at all times. Lastly, remember to have fun!

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