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Slow Computer? Learn How to Speed Up Your PC

Does your computer seem to be slower than normal? Has your PC crashed recently? Have you had the misfortune of experiencing the blue screen of death or a similar error?

There are a plethora of things that can cause your computer to crash or perform at an unreasonably slow level. You might have too many programs loading at startup.

The general rule is this: If you don’t need it and it isn’t vital to your computer, delete it. By following this rule, you will enable your computer to boot up faster and perform better.

Another thing that can cause your computer to run slower is a corrupted or bloated registry. If you have a Windows computer, then you have a registry.

The registry, like a meticulous bookkeeper, stores a record of everything you do on your computer. It keeps tabs on what programs you use on your computer, what websites you look at, what you download from the Internet. It stores all of this info on your computer’s hard drive and is notorious for producing corrupted or fragmented files.

Cleaning out your registry every now and then will help Speed up your PC.

Why is my Computer Running Slow?
Author Bio:

Erin Walsh is a technology junky and the Director of Public Relations at Boost Software. She enjoys blogging about topics in technology and occasionally guest posts on popular blogs about some of the most recent tech gadgets, windows installer errors, and other slow computer issues.

A tech blogger by passion!

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