Social Media – Great Way of Communication

Most of the people today with internet access use social media in some form or the other. It changes the way people and organizations communicate or interact with others. But despite of its popularity, most people have a very limited knowledge and understanding of the scope and utility of Social Media in its entirety. A phrase being tossed around a lot today but it can sometimes hard to answer what it is?

Social Media! it is in use today as one great way of communication, where people across the world and from various professions, races, cultures and religions meet. It allows users to share content, information, opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives or even resources, tool widely use today that foster interaction, discussion and community via the internet.

Social media can take many forms, including images, text, video, and audio. Some include blogs, podcasts, wiki, message boards and blogs. It consists of billions of people’s buzzing minds, relating and connecting to each other by just a simple tap of few keys. Like a waterhole for a thirsty brains that never dries up. While the tools of social media are easy to use, the rules of the road are not necessarily intuitive. It’s a new communications landscape out there, with tremendous opportunity but also a lot to learn, waiting to watched or visit or read or blogged.

There are tons of social media platforms these days and it may hard for some people to catch up with the ever-changing lingo, in many ways is experimental; it’s not however, completely unproven and it actually a waste of money if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s essential to understand that it is simultaneously a great opportunity.

Social media facilitates open communication and enhance information delivery and discovery. Everyone can find new people, communicate to their loved ones all over the world and meet their friends. It allows people from the different geographical location to share and express their views and meet in a single point, or at the same time promote products globally. Many will experience the broadness of connectedness and knowledge through social media use, technological literacy, opportunity to widen business and can give attract attention to your site, product or services.

Social media has a character of its own; there is nothing that would be taken for granted or be assumed. There is no “one hat fits all” kind of a solution. In fact, there are certain aspects of social media that apply to everyone, but they can at best be termed as guidelines or best practices. Social media are a learning process. Ultimately it all boils down to understanding, gathering relevant information and then analyzing it to tweak your activity, be it online or offline.

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Derar Barqawi, online marketing specialist at Almond Solutions. I am also an active member on Domadeed.

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