Teach Your Mother To Type With These 5 Apps

Three decades ago, computers were hardly popular as they are today. This means that there’s a good chance that your mother hasn’t yet perfected the art of typing on a keyboard. However, if you feel awkward watching her circulate a finger in search of a letter, you can help her by introducing her to one of the following five typing tour apps.

1.) Typing Trainer:

Typing Trainer is a free program that can help your mother improve her skills within 45 minutes. The software features real-life analysis as she types and provides customized exercises based on the problems it detects. She will also have access for two months to a five-hour web-based touch typing course that complements the app. In addition, it creates advanced tests that come with printable reports. These aside, she can have fun while typing by initiating one of the four games that come with Typing Tutor.

2.) TypingMaster Pro Typing Tutor:

TypingMaster Pro is a smart typing tutor that adapts to her needs in order to provide her with customized exercises and the guidance she needs to improve her skills. With this software, you can rest assured that her typing speed will improve. In addition, TypingMaster Pro is divided into stages which she can adjust based on her progress. This will easily turn her into a pro after her fifth hour of training. Other benefits of this app include:
  • Reducing the amount of typos she makes.
  • Enhancing her typing speed.
  • Improving ergonomics.
  • Boosting her confidence around computers.
  • Additional exercises to review mistakes and ensure that they aren’t repeated.

3.) Rapid Typing Tutor:

If your mother is still at an initial level, you’ll probably be better off with Rapid Typing Tutor. In addition to catering to beginners as well as advanced typists, this free app doesn’t require registration nor will it flash adware or nag screens that will annoy her. These aside, Rapid Typing Tutor features the following:
  • A Virtual Keyboard – This will teach her how to place her fingers on the keyboard. The virtual keyboard also comes with zone highlights to indicate where her hands should be placed.
  • Moving Hands – Beginners will make the most of this feature since it shows which fingers go where on the keyboard.
  • Progress Tracking – Rapid Typing Tutor creates progress charts which show how her typing speed and accuracy have improved since she started training.
  • Customizable Plans and Lessons – You can customize the lessons for your mother or create plans according to her capabilities.

4.) Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 17 Deluxe:

One of the oldest typing tutors around is Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. There’s even a good chance that your mother has worked with this software during her first days with a computer. So, in addition to honing her skills, you will be giving her a blast from the past. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 17 Deluxe delivers customized training, motivates users and engages them in the learning process. Plus, the following features add to the award-winning software’s appeal:
  • Over 75 custom lessons which help her achieve her training goals.
  • Progress tracking features so that she can see how much she achieved.
  • Arcade-style typing practice games which teach while entertaining her.
  • Support for Spanish in case she wants to practice typing in that language.

5.) TypeFaster:

TypeFaster is another free app which teaches users how to touch-type. As a result, your mom will be able to type without looking at the keyboard just like a professional. You can download one of the three versions of the software:
  • Standard Version – The Standard Version offers different keyboard layouts and supports over 10 languages, including Danish, Portuguese and French. It also features a 3D typing game, typing statistics, multiple user support and variable text sizes.
  • Accessible Version – Developed for visually impaired users, the Accessible Version of TypeFaster comes with a free text-to-speech feature. However, the current version only supports US-English for the time being.
  • Spanish Version – This version features all the specs of the Standard Version but with a Spanish interface.
Even if your mom can type, these apps will improve her technique and give her a full command on the keyboard. So, sign her up for one of these and let her enjoy flexing her typing skills.
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