Blue Screen of Death – Take a Deep Breath

Don’t fret if your computer shows you the blue screen of death error. It isn’t the worst possible thing that can happen to your computer and it is fixable. The blue screen of death is caused by errors with memory, drivers, or the registry.

All three of these are sensitive parts of your computer; therefore, you should not tinker with them by yourself unless you are computer savvy. One wrong click and your computer could become unsalvageable.

With the right software, the blue screen error can be fixed and avoided without much work or stress on your part. Replacing your memory stick and upgrading your PC can fix memory errors. Replacing or updating old or outdated drivers can fix driver errors. Fixing registry errors can be difficult and should only be done by professionals or registry cleaner software.

In fact, you can invest in software that will take care of your memory errors, driver errors, and registry errors. If you are not as familiar with computers, this is definitely a smart option to keep your computer running smoothly.

What is Blue Screen Of Death? How to overcome it?

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Erin Walsh is the Director of Public Relations for PC Health Boost. She loves to blog about everyday computer issues, by helping them users speed up their slow computer, clean up their pcs, update their registries. Fixing a blue screen of death error? No sweat. She has written several fixes over at her PC Health Boost blog that many newbies have been able to troubleshoot themselves.

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