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Recording Your Every Move

How do you use your Smartphone to communicate? Do you prefer to text or Facebook your friends? Or are you a fan of sending you message out to the world via Twitter?

If we follow in the footsteps of our ‘celebrities’ we might choose Facebook to post pictures of ourselves to show off our best bits. If words are more your thing, then Twitter is a great medium to tell the world your thoughts and all in 140 characters or less.

Celebrity Tweeters:

We watched Will-i-am on the first series of The Voice tweet about contestants. It was an on-going commentary of his thoughts about them.

Across the pond, Kim Kardashian uses her Twitter feed to pass on tips that are subsidised by advertising. She can make $10,000 for one tweet. We’d all have a piece of that if we could get it!

Billionaire Donald Trump spends a lot of time on Twitter ‘warring with pretty much everyone’ including the writer of Modern Family, Danny Zuker; he referred to Zuker as a ‘moron’. Nice!

Another famous ‘loose cannon’ is actor Charlie Sheen who uses it as a platform to rant too!

As singer Minaj uses Twitter to hurl insults; one of her targets has been fellow American Idol judge Mariah Carey.

Whether you chose to use Twitter as a war zone or would rather just share your opinion on daily life is your choice of course. We rather think etiquette is better demonstrated without the public abuse.


Smartphones make tweeting a favourite pastime that allows tweeters to connect with others. The immediacy of this social platform is appealing and the fact that any message you put out there goes to your whole community – there is nothing private about it.

Visual presence:

While you can add images to your tweets, Facebook is more visual. You can give your friends a photographic tour of your life – where you are, who you can see, what you’re just about to eat and more.

Social media really is about sharing some of your most personal moments. We’ve all seen entries from friends as they give birth or minutes after haven’t we?

Keeping it real and … safe:

It’s a whole new way of way of communicating in the here and now. It’s strange too – nobody really cares what you’re having for breakfast, lunch and dinner but many users feel compelled to tell everyone.

However you choose to use your Smartphone, it’s obvious from most user’s habits that it’s a very important device. It is easier to capture every waking minute than a traditional diary or blog. It involves physical input but usually in sharp, short bursts. It’s perfect for exhibitionists or narcissists who like to see pictures of themselves everywhere.

If you feel like your right arm has been cut off if you leave home without your Smartphone, then the thought of losing it or having it stolen must invite nightmares.

Obviously you will do everything to ensure that your phone is always close at hand – in fact you’re probably using it most of the time. Adding the precaution of phone insurance is a really good back-up plan.

Author Bio:

Rob Rudd is just a little bit incredulous at the nonsense that celebrities spout via social media. He enjoys writing for technology and lifestyle websites.

A tech blogger by passion!

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