Surprising News On What People Do With Their Mobile Phones

What People Do With Their Mobile Phones?

One of the biggest ways that you can tell what year a movie or TV show is from is by noticing what telephones people are talking on. If it’s an old rotary phone, it’s generally prior to the 1970s. The same goes when it comes to what mobile phone device they are using. Remember those huge car phones that became popular in the 1980s as a status symbol among the rich? The phones, which recently seen in the National Geographic Channel miniseries on “The 80s,” were big and unwieldy and literally cost as much as a car did back then.

Mobile phones have changed over time:

Even 15 years ago, just having a cell phone was still seen as an expensive luxury, although the size of the phone was smaller than the 1980s. How the world has changed since then. Now mobile phones are ubiquitous these days – a recent Pew Internet Survey found that an incredible 91 percent of people now have mobile phones, with 56 percent of them having smartphones. So if you are interested in reaching people for your business, you should consider mobile advertising campaigns.

So what do you think people do with their mobile phones? Here are some surprising facts about mobile phone usage:

  1. After text messaging, checking email is the most popular non-calling activity with smartphone users, with 75% of the American users using the phone to check their email, according to a recent survey.
  2. According to a recent study, participants checked their mobile phones an average of 34 times a day, usually checking their email and Facebook accounts.
  3. Here is a rather disturbing statistic – some people use their phones everywhere they go, including the restroom. Yes, an incredible 75 percent of people have used their phones in the restroom.
  4. According to the Daily Mail, a new poll has discovered that the most common way a person finds out his or her spouse has been cheating is by going through their mobile phone.
  5. Emails devoted to shopping during the holiday season are increasingly popular, and 45% of people check such emails on their mobile phones.

Interesting statistics, to be sure. If you are interested in mobile advertising campaigns, you need to pay attention to such things. After all, it is important to find out where people are using mobile phones, who is using them, and what they are using them for, in order to best reach your market.

One way to do so is to use an email marketing and advertisement company like LiveIntent. Companies who run email marketing platforms like them can help your advertising efforts. Since email is something that your target audience will check on various platforms, this is a good way to reach customers on their desktop computer, or their mobile phones. And the ads can show up just in emails where the readers are more likely to buy your products, thereby helping your marketing impact and increasing the chances people will be interested in your product. Good luck.

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