A Week’s Worth of Motivational Quotes

We’ve all heard of and may have even met some people that are able to sustain their motivation burning for an incredible length of time. They are the types that are likely to dominate over their chosen vocation. Unfortunately, all of us aren’t programmed the same way. If you’re like me whose had trouble maintaining an attention span of more than a few minutes, a dose of motivation can go a long way.

Motivation could come in the form of events, people, material things, wants and words. I’ll stick to the latter as one of the best mover of people. Yep, there’s no doubt that words are powerful enough to inspire and move mountains. If we look back at history, most of our great achievements were due to very inspiring words that moved people’s emotions.

As a regular person who’s trying to make a living, a workweek can be as daunting as building the pyramids at times. Hence, powerful words or quotes are what’s needed to set us off.

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