Most People Can’t Identify Phishing Scams

identify phishing scam
Most people can’t identify phishing scams

One of the reasons that phishing scams are successful is that although most people believe that they know how to identify these attacks, they often still don’t recognize suspicious emails. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, new research from North Carolina State University seems to indicate that Internet users are over-confident in their ability to recognize a phishing scam.

The study, which looked at a group of 53 undergraduate students, found that although 89 percent of participants were confident that they could recognize a scam in their inbox, only 7.5 percent actually identified the phishing emails. In addition, more than 50 percent of students deleted an email that was actually genuine. recently reported that phishing scams are becoming more sophisticated, fooling even the most tech-savvy Internet natives. When the Associated Press had its Twitter account hacked in April, it was due to a complex phishing attack directed at one of the news source’s staffers. The staff member received an email that appeared to be from a colleague, but the link contained in the message actually led the employee to a “keylogger” that tracked keystrokes and recorded the organization’s Twitter password.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that this increased personalization of phony messages will only make it harder to identify scams. Phishers often pose as banks, government agencies or well-known retailers convince users to open the email and click on a link that either introduces a virus or leads to a fake website that is disguised as a legitimate source. That’s why a password manager such as Sticky Password, which includes automatic form filling, can be so helpful – it won’t supply your personal information to a deceptive landing page that isn’t actually associated with the website you think you’re using.

Example of a Phishing Scam:

Below is a Phishing Scam email that i received to my mail id in the name of giving “Financial Loan“. Check it out,

Attn Everyone:
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We offer the following loans category;
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Another popular example of Phishing Scam mail is “Winning a Lottery“. When you get a mail like this asking you personal details, Don’t even think of replying them. Or else will be a victim of a Serious Scam! Just delete those mail.

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