Top 3 Android Battery Saver Apps

With the advancement in smartphone technologies, we are now be able watch movies, make video calls, download file attachments, involve in group chats with friends, play video games for hours, download huge number of apps, etc., using our mobile devices. But the one thing which is missing from these advancements is the battery life of your phones.

It’s not just the usage of apps which is required to perform the above said actions, are sucking up your smartphone battery, but also the basic elements like phone display, Wi-Fi, GPS are certainly needs to be considered. Every one of the smartphone users is looking for a way to optimize their mobile devices for extra battery life, but it wouldn’t be possible without the use of batter saver apps.

Android Battery Saver Apps
Yes, that’s right. A battery saver app can help you to optimize the smartphone based on the usage and get you extra long battery life. Isn’t that you want? Well, let’s have a look at the top three android battery saver apps which are worth considering to get extra battery life.

1) DU Battery Saver & Widgets:

The DU Battery Saver & Widgets is a free battery saver app, which will help you to get additional battery life for your smartphones by lowering or shutting down some of its components. The application UI is really pleasing to watch and you will able to see, how much battery life of your mobile device is left just by looking at the display. In case if you would like to get extra battery life, say 7 hours instead of the 6 hours shown on the display you just need to click on the optimize option, which will show how you can optimize your device to get the extra battery life. By using this app plenty of users have benefited and we were able to get a maximum of 1 hours and 16 minutes extra battery life.

2) Greenify:

Greenify is one of the best battery life saver app, which is must have for people who would like to download and use plenty of apps. When you download and install the Greenify app, it will automatically hibernate the apps which are running in the background of your device after you have finished using them. But to use this automatic hibernate feature, you must add the apps which are needs to be Greenified while configuring the Greenify app. Although the app requires root access to work, using Greenify on your smartphone is the best way to save your battery life which was being used by unnecessary smartphone apps running the background.

3) Battery Doctor:

Battery Doctor, just like the other battery saver apps helps users to save the battery for extra usage. But what set it apart from the other apps, is its ability to teach some good battery saving habits to the smartphone user. The Battery Doctor app shows the amount of power which is being consumed by every app, and how you can modify certain things to improve battery life. Along with it, the app will make you to charge the device to a certain level regularly and never let the battery life go down below another level. Apart from the battery saving abilities, the batter doctor app will help your smartphone to perform faster while you’re using it.

All these three apps will help you save your smartphone battery and improve its battery life. If you are going for a trip or a meeting or to some place, where charging your smartphone battery is quite difficult, then it is wise to consider the apps given here.

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By Sathishkumar Varatharajan, An avid Android lover, Sathishkumar Varatharajan is regularly on the lookout of things which will make his smartphone better. He also writes about Android Rooting in one of his beloved Android blog for all the rooting lovers.

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