Why Cloud Computing Is The Future Of The Modern Business

Benefits Of Cloud Computing
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The business world is changing fast, now requiring transactions and workloads to be completed faster and greater than ever before. This evolution has been underpinned by technological advances that have now produced a computing system capable of extraordinary feats for any business – Cloud computing.

In short, Cloud computing allows for businesses to place their computing system under the protection of a third party host. Using a multitude of processing powers, this service can easily match and exceed the demands of any business. To prove it to you, here are 6 reasons why Cloud computing is definitely the future for any modern business:

1) Improved Flexibility:

A limited bandwidth can be the bane of any business, hindering the flow of performance and draining the time and resources that could be spent elsewhere. A network of computers connected to the internet eradicates this issue, with flexible prioritisation of the collective bandwidth of each computer. The vast retention of Cloud computing will therefore have your business running as smooth as clockwork.

2) Low Cost:

In order to maximise efficiency, many businesses will seek to pay for additional servers and devices for their staff, as well as the cost of licences for new software. This can be incredibly expensive and impractical, particularly because the actual use of the technologies is rarely ever constant or lengthy. Hosting your hardware and software applications on the cloud, on the other hand, allows you to implement the Cloud versions of the exact same technologies, but you only ever have to pay for the amount of time you actually use it.

3) Greater Storage Capacity:

As a business progresses and begins to take on a greater amount of work, inevitably they will be met with the problem of storage capacity. Bound by the capacity of a physical device, it can be incredibly frustrating for an individual to be met with the ‘Full Capacity Reached’ message, especially when they have a deadline. For this reason, uploading all your data to an abundant Cloud service allows for greater freedom to take on more work without the consideration of whether you can actually store it – a frivolous issue, you’ll no doubt agree.

4) Work from Anywhere:

Many people in the business world will consider this the best reason to implement Cloud computing. No longer will you have to travel to work or be confined to an office, because Cloud computing allows you access to all your business’ information, from any location. Whether you want to work from your garden, or even if you’re able to free up some time whilst on holiday, this entirely modern prospect ensures your business will struggle to fall behind on workload.

5) Secure Backups:

Cloud computing allows everything you do via your office computer or laptop to be stored in a secure location i.e It helps in Protecting your data by various authentication procedures. This means that you do not have to fear everything you have worked on is lost or can be stolen, if you find your device has gone missing. As soon as you retrieve it or find yourself with a new one, everything from the Cloud can be accessed and downloaded back to your device.

6) Eco-friendly:

Current scientific research indicates that we are having a huge impact on climate change, due to our increased emissions and carbon footprints. Although still creating an emission of sorts, Cloud computing will allow a business to reduce its energy consumption and carbon footprint, because it only operates as and when it is needed. Of course, the energy required for a Cloud service will be exceedingly high and not eco-friendly at all, but any modern business will realise that a pocket of high energy consumption is better than the large distribution of high energy consumption caused by traditional IT infrastructures.

Overall, Cloud computing presents businesses with a set of tools that can reduce boundaries, create prospects and allow for greater prioritisation of other factors a business must tend to. The future of the business sector, or any sector for that matter, has to start with Cloud computing.

How do you feel about Cloud computing? Is there any other reasons to implement Cloud computing that have been overlooked, or can you think of any problems with this technology? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Ben takes an interest in technology, therefore he is fascinated by the potential for cloud computing and how it can be implemented across multiple sectors, not just in business.

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