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Fascinating Facts about Ebay

Ebay is a brilliant place where you can find every weird and wonderful thing imaginable. Here are some fascinating facts about this weird and wonderful space:
  • There is a car sold every 2 seconds on Ebay! Not toy ones – the real deal!
  • Another popular item sold on Ebay is ladies handbags, one handbag is sold every 3 seconds on Ebay.
  • A fascinating item sold very frequently on Ebay an Mp3 player, one is sold every minute. We didn’t think they’d be so popular but they are!
  • The most expensive item sold on Ebay so far is a Gulfstream jet which went to the highest bidder at $4.9 mil!
  • There is also a wedding dress on sale which is modelled by the seller’s ex-husband. If the model doesn’t put you off – it is a gorgeous dress!
  • If you’ve always wanted a cornflake in the shape of the state of Illinois then you are in luck! For $1.350K that cornflake can be yours!
  • In total Ebay has over 300 million items for sale with over 1 bn items accessible at any time!

If you’d like some more fascinating facts about Ebay then check out our infographic which is full of them!

Amazing facts about ebay, Statistics on ebay

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