Surprising Technology You Didn’t Know Was Available

In essence, technology can be used to sum up the human condition. It personifies our creativity as a species, our ambition to do things that it was thought could never be done and our determination to constantly develop something so that it pushes the boundaries of modern day ideology.

Technology is always changing and its inability to stand still is something that captivates our interest and means that there is always something new for us to fixate on. However, whilst a lot of technology makes big headlines and is splashed all over the media; there are certain things that you won’t even be aware of. This is not to say that they are not as exciting, interesting or life changing as the products which receive plenty of tech PR though, as there are sure to be many things on this list that will delight any technology fan.

The Vertical Ship:

Vertical Ship

Most people would see the bow of a ship poking out of the ocean and immediately assume a tragic accident had occurred. However that would be a conclusion too quickly jumped to if the ship in question was this remarkable ship that is being used by the US navy. The best thing about this is that it has been in action for over 50 years now and I’m willing to bet that most people reading this would have never heard of it. The ship is built to be fully functional in both a vertical and horizontal position and can easily switch between the two.

Printable Body Parts:

Printable Body Parts
I’m sure most people have heard about 3D printers by now and the technology for these has actually been around since the late 80s, but it has recently moved on a step further to allow the creation of body tissue. Although the organs that have been printed so far are not full size and couldn’t be used within a human body; they can be used to do tests and explain conditions a lot clearer to patients who have certain defects. It is hopeful that the technology will be developed to eventually allow us to print usable human organs. You can be sure that when this breakthrough happens it will receive its fair share of tech PR and media coverage.

Pebble Watch:

Pebble Watch
Eric Migicovsky, the creator of the pebble watch, simply wanted a way to check his smartphone without falling off his bike, but he ended up creating something that has been part of technology based fiction for many years now. Social technology is constantly becoming more portable and more accessible to us wherever we are in the world and this is the latest development. Users simply sync their pebble watch to their smartphone and it will display all of their messages, emails and other notifications on its small screen. It first came to market after an investment from US based funding company ‘Kickstarter’ and now Sony, Apple and Samsung are fighting for the share of the Smartwatch market.

Smart Glass:

It seems that everything these days is getting an upgrade to a ‘Smart’ version of itself. We’ve had Smartphones, Smart TVs and we’ve just discovered Smartwatches, but now we also have Smart Glass. In the wake of new environmental regulations; it is now more important than ever to try and build homes that are eco-friendly, and this new kind of glass is the latest revelation. It is coated with a layer of indium tin oxide and can block out heat and light when an electric current is passed through it. Homeowners spend hundreds of pounds a year on heating and cooling their properties and this new development could make things a lot cheaper and easier. Although this is good news for fans of technology and energy efficiency; it could be curtains for blind makers.

Image Credit: Wikimedia.

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