On-Site Optimization Checklist: Driving Traffic To Your Website

On-Site Optimization Checklist

If you are in need of increasing traffic to your website and improve your ranking then on-site optimization checklist will definitely help you out. The main theme of making a website is to meet your necessary business goals so for that it is very important to make each and every web page to be search engine friendly.

For optimizing your website it is necessary to include your targeted keywords on every webpage. But you should be aware that you should not stuff the keywords and make them look like it occurs naturally. If you are trying to get better ranking with more number of keywords, then it is better to split your content into different web pages as it helps in creating page focus.

If the keywords which you chosen got clicked and if your website got indexed on the first page of the search engine then don’t do anything and remain the page as such. But try to update your resources or content constantly that is relevant to your niche. Always try to create content that are eye-catchy to the audience so that it gets loved by search engine naturally.

Now, let’s see some tips that make your web page to get optimized perfectly. All the factors together will definitely make improvements in your search engine ranking. Following are few checklists which I have come across while doing SEO services to my own website. I would like to discuss few with you,

Checklists for web page content:

  • Target your keywords on the title of every page.
  • Also try to target keywords on the sub headings of the page.
  • Keep the targeted audience in your mind while choosing keywords.
  • Make your content simple and attractive for a minimum of 500 words that should be fresh and rich in quality.
  • Don’t stuff keywords onto the content, it may be considered as spammy. Make your keyword density to be from 3-10 times that of your page content.
  • Be sure to check for grammatical or spelling mistakes since it may make your site degraded from the quality of page and search ranking.
  • Incorporate your webpage with attractive images and simple graphics as it helps gaining better search results.
  • Provide social media buttons so that visitors will like to share your stuff elsewhere that makes you get more popular.
  • Include the links of your social media profiles, user reviews and the best comments. It helps in making your page to be active always and the communication medium through social media will surely help you in scoring higher ranking.

Checklist for out-of-sight factors:

  • Include your best keyword on the URL of your webpage.
  • Make sure to provide a unique title tag that contains of maximum 70 characters.
  • Nowadays search engine is not considering much about meta tags and descriptions but it is the one that appears on the search results on the search engine that makes the visitors to click on your link.
  • So, provide good and attractive content on meta tags that is perfectly relevant to your business.
  • Also provide targeted keywords for the image alt text.
  • Make your website to gain links and resources that is related to your niche.

Final thoughts:

That’s all about the on-site checklists. Yet there are several other things to be taken care for optimizing your website but these are the top things that are to be cared first. I hope these will result in better optimization of your web pages leading to a better search engine ranking.

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Amy Jasmine is an SEO professional who is also a web enthusiast. She’s also writes content for renowned internet marketing company. Apart from that she loves blogging and crazy on surfing for innovative and exciting stuff about SEO.

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