Women and Computer Science Degrees

Traditionally, women aren’t known for entering technological fields. Tech careers and businesses are oversaturated with a male presence, but there has recently been a change in this regard. Women are starting to get more tech degrees, but what caused this major change? Here are a few things to consider when it comes to women and computer science degrees.

Early History

The truth is that women made up 37 percent of computer science graduates in 1985 when this degree was first offered to the public. While this was a large number, it significantly decreased to 22 percent in 2005, and then down to 18 percent in 2010.

In fact, the number of female graduates in this regard has been on a continual slope from 1985 until 2010. For example, only eight percent of Georgia Tech graduates were women.

Nerd Factor

Computer science students are stereotyped as nerds with thick glasses, pocket protectors and isolated cubicles. Both genders hate this stereotype and it’s primarily false, but it seems to affect women more than men. It’s not so much the lack of fashion, but the isolated lifestyle that seems to affect women the most.

Major Changes

More women have been getting computer science degrees since 2010, but the biggest change has been women getting jobs at IT companies. This figure grew about 42 percent since 2003. Not only that, but women are starting 150 percent more IT companies than men.

Women are Valuable

Looking at the statistics, you’ll notice that tech companies with more women tend to make more money. Most of them will make 34 percent more money on their investments than similar companies that are dominated by men.

No one’s sure if this is because women are smarter, more savvy at technology, or if having a balanced number of both genders just improves overall thinking, but the fact is that women truly are valuable to tech companies.

Women have traditionally stayed away from computer science degrees for many reasons, but that trend is quickly changing. Not only that, but many experts are suggesting that women should be exposed to technology at an early age to further increase the number of women who seek these degrees.

Women and Computer Science Degrees

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