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Take the Facebook Timeline Cover to Extremes

One thing that the more creative people who work with Facebook timeline cover photos have begun to do is to take their design to extremes, in a number of different ways. There are some great ideas for how to improve your Facebook cover photo from Social Media Examiner.

One thing that will resonate with a lot of creative types or artists is to carry out your ideas to an extreme. If you’re being bright, be really bright. If you’re going for a modern look, don’t hold back. In a huge crowd like you are trying to separate yourself from on Facebook, sometimes you have to be willing to take a chance and push the limits in order to grab up some attention. In addition, some of the ideas below will help you to captivate the mind of your visitors and get them wondering exactly what they are looking at.

Use a Super Close Up

If you are going for detail in your Facebook timeline cover image, you might consider zooming way in for a super tight shot. In some cases, if you go in tight for a ton of detail, people will have a hard time figuring out exactly what they are looking at. They just might stare at it that much longer to try to figure it out, which is great news for you. Just try not to make it impossible for them to figure out, as you don’t want the question to go unanswered. That doesn’t do your brand any good.

Zoom Way Out

At the opposite end of the spectrum, you can zoom way out and take a very wide shot. It may connect in with a message of your company, or it just might look cool. Sweeping panoramas are fun to look at, and people will often take a few minutes to do just that when they are used as a Facebook cover photo.

Make it Happy

If you are going for an upbeat feel, try to load your cover photo up with smiling faces from photos. This can be a strong way to send a message about how happy people are to use your product or brand. Keep the colors bright, as well, as brighter colors are associated with stronger feelings of happiness and content. When you bring it all together, the impact on the visitor can be a powerful one.

Make it Abstract

Some people are going with a sort of abstract art look for their Facebook timeline cover photo. You can combine different shapes or styles together in this regard in order to come up with a small piece of abstract art for your Facebook timeline. The goal is to get people to spend some time looking at it and appreciating the design. Just don’t stop it short. Make sure you really show off your creativity and your ideas in whatever you create. You can also use websites such as for abstract facebook covers.

Don’t Stifle Creativity

Regardless of what ideas you decide to try out, make sure that you stay creative and don’t cut yourself off short. If you only take it two-thirds of the way, you aren’t going to stand out in the crowd. That’s why it is important to come up with really good ideas and then execute on them strongly. That is what is going to get people to click on your page, stay on your timeline and begin looking around for more information. If you can continually get that to take place, it will build up the brand recognition you have and help you to foster more loyalty with your customers.

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