Which Gaming Platform is Really the Cheapest?

The price differential between gaming PCs, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 is something that is hotly debated, and as this infographic shows, there are far more things to think about than just the up-front cost of the console. Which games platform really is the best long term investment?

The Xbox One may be expensive out of the box, and have a monthly fee for online play, but Xbox One gamers get Kinect included in the cost of the console, and they get free games every month with Xbox Live Gold – games that they can keep even if they unsubscribe from the service.

In contrast, PS4 gamers pay less for their console up front, and aren’t obliged to subscribe to PS+. The PS+ service also includes free games, but you’d better play them while you’re still subscribed, because if you cancel the subscription you lose access to the games.

PC gamers pay the most to “buy in” to gaming, but they enjoy better performance. PC gamers have had super-high resolution games running at 60FPS, and with full modding support, for a long time now. They also enjoy huge discounts on downloadable games. While new console games cost £40 on release day, and can remain fairly expensive for several months, PC Gamers can enjoy bundle sales which offer several games for a few pounds, and Steam sales with AAA titles at 75% off. The problem with PC gaming is the high initial cost of entry, and the extra maintenance workload required with installing drivers and keeping the PC running well.

Which Gaming Platform is Really the Cheapest?

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