8 Best Techniques Of Making Money With Joomla CMS

8 Best Techniques Of Making Money With Joomla CMS

As a free open source content management system (CMS) Joomla has been successfully utilized for building websites that fare well with the targeted audience. In addition to acting as an excellent source of building amazing websites, Joomla CMS has also opened doors for making quick money. Yes, this is true. With Joomla, you can make easy money and that too at a faster pace. If you’re intending to make quick money via your Joomla site then this is the perfect blog which will help you find the right information. In this blog, I’ve jotted down some of the best techniques of earning money via Joomla powered website.

Technique No.1- Offering Service Projects

Since Joomla has become one of the most desirable content management systems(CMSs), you can choose to provide services that are related to it. For example, you can opt for offering customer support services such as upgrading a Joomla powered website, fixing a hacked site, setting up E-commerce stores etc. Customers who tend to face issues with their Joomla website can seek your services and you can charge them accordingly.

Technique No.2- Writing reviews for products

Writing reviews for products
Yes, it’s unbelievable but absolutely true. You can actually get paid by writing Joomla product reviews. Nowadays, customers prefer purchasing a Joomla product/service only after going through the reviews posted for the same. Hence, Joomla development companies are ready to spend a good amount of cash on Joomla service reviews. If you’ve a flair for writing and are skilled in penning down customer reviews then you can easily make quick money.

Technique No.3- Setting up Joomla templates and extensions up for sale

Setting up Joomla templates and extensions up for sale

Joomla users across the globe are always in search of best extensions and templates that can improve the overall look and feel of their website. By becoming a Joomla Templates/Extensions provider, you can expect to earn a good sum of cash. No matter which country you belong to, selling Joomla templates and extensions will always offer you huge monetary profits.

Technique No.4- Writing and selling Joomla E-Books

Writing and selling Joomla E-Books

Book writing has always been an effective means of making money. If you’re aware about Joomla features and functionality, you can choose to write e-books that can then be circulated among Joomla users for a good sum of cash. Today, there’s a good majority of authors who have written e-books that have received a great feedback.

Technique No.5- Offering Joomla hosting services

Offering Joomla hosting services

Hosting is undoubtedly a crucial aspect of every website. You can’t compromise on the hosting service for your site. Joomla being no exception to this, also requires effecting hosting service. Becoming a successful Joomla hosting provider allows you to grow your financial benefits by an incredible level. While offering Joomla hosting service, the aspects that you need to focus on include website security, hosting space, bandwidth, stability, loading speed, file transfer etc.

Technique No.6- Offering Joomla technical support services

Offering Joomla technical support services

Technical issues are a part and parcel of every Joomla website. People will continue to face problems in ensuring a smooth functioning of their website. They will hence, look out for support online. By offering Joomla technical support services, you can make good cash. The areas that you can choose to offer technical support in include SEO, website back-up, security, installation, content creation and so on.

Technique No.7- Join Joomla affiliate programs

Join Joomla affiliate programs
Joomla affiliate programs have truly come up as brilliant means of making money. If you’re good at promoting Joomla products and services via websites, social media pages emails etc. you can always choose to gain monetary benefits. Internet is crowded with websites that offer tutorials that allow you to understand the ins and outs of participating in Joomla affiliate programs for making money.

Technique No.8- Offering online Joomla coaching and training classes

Offering online Joomla coaching and training classes

People who’re interested in Joomla always want to learn about it. This is the situation; you can take an advantage of. Choose to offer online Joomla coaching and training classes for a good fee. Joomla enthusiasts are ready to pay any amount of money for gathering insights on the CMS and they won’t feel reluctant in paying you a good fee for your online tutorials.

Wrapping Up

So that was a list of 8 result-oriented techniques that can aid you in making quick money via Joomla CMS. Hope you’d have enjoyed reading the compilation. If you want to add something to the above post, please proceed ahead by using the comments box below.

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