A Walk Through Amazing Games For Android Users

Gaming continues to remain one of the most cherished activities among people of all age groups. With the growing popularity of smartphones, gaming freaks have started accessing games via their hand-held internet-enabled devices. Android is one such mobile operating system that has become a hub of globally recognized games. Well, it goes without saying that the world’s best games are available on Android. You can easily have a great gaming experience on Android without the need for learning any technicalities. Today, I’ve written this blog to make you familiar with some amazing games that are tailor-made for Android users.

Game#1- Virtua Tennis Challenge

Virtua Tennis Challenge

Virtua Tennis Challenge is a perfect match for all tennis lovers. This Android game enables you to create your own player and establish a successful career by beating more and more skilled tennis players. You can opt for playing a tournament by choosing from over five different playing modes. Backed by realistic sound and graphics, Virtua Tennis Challenge is definitely an addictive game, cherished by tennis lovers of all age groups.

Game#2- Cut The Rope

Cut The Rope
Cut The Rope is a cute Android game wherein you have to feed candy to the little monster named Om Nom. This game has witnessed 400 million downloads till date and comes with 375 and more levels to cross. All through the game, you need to collect gold stars, unlock new levels and discover hidden gifts/surpises. Adorable Om Nom makes the game a cute adventure trip.

Game#3- Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers is the game for all fast movers. In this game, you need to dash as fast as you can. Through the course of game, you need to dodge trains and avoid facing the grouchy inspector and his dog. You can easily use the swipe feature to make the character move from right to left, roll and jump. On attaining a good(high) score, you may also choose to share it on Facebook. Vivid HD graphics and power-packed swipe acrobatics make the game a complete fun experience.

Game#4- Battle Nations

Battle Nations

As an award-winning epic strategy game, Battle Nations currently exists in version 2.3 and higher. In this game, you’re in complete command of the Imperial Army and need to complete missions across the great Frontier Assemble. As the game progresses, you get a chance to build an efficient Outpost to keep your empire safe.

Game#5- Muffin Knight

Muffin Knight
An action-packed game, Muffin Knight comes with amazing visuals and a set of fairytale characters that keep on gaining strength as you progress from one level to another. In this game, you need to fertilize a forest with unicorn, flood the world with candy and cover the sky with black holes. Some of the enticing features Of Muffin Knight include ability to play as 18 different characters, epic boss battles, 2.5D graphics, cross-platform compatibility and many more features.

Game#6- Rayman Fiesta Fun

Rayman Fiesta Fun

If you’ve been an avid follower of Rayman Jungle Run, then you’ll surely love Rayman Fiesta Fun. This new wacky Android game comes with more than 75 levels and you need to beat all the 3 epic bosses to reach the Land of the Divine Dead Island. Through the course of game, you need to collect Lums to grab rewards.


Now that you’re well acquainted with the best Android games, hope picking up your best fit would become easier. Do install these games into your Android smartphones and I guarantee you’ll never get bored out of your mobile device. Prior to installing a game, make sure to cross-check its bug-free status because it shouldn’t be the case that in the wake of playing a new game, you tend to mess up all the other functionalities in your smartphone. So, make a good and an intelligent choice.

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