Are You Textually Active? What Are You Really Saying on Text Message

Text messaging has greatly grown in popularity even within the last ten years. Today, over 90% of people who have smartphones use text messaging via SMS, or short message service. However, there is a surprising divide between male and female messengers.

Although most people believe that females always have more to say than males do, this is not necessarily the case with texts. In fact, males generally send more texts each day with an average of 17 regular contacts with whom they stay in touch. On the other hand, women tend to stay in touch with about 13 contacts. There is a difference in the style of men’s and women’s text messages though. Men usually send shorter messages that are to the point; women are more likely to send longer messages and to express feelings of love and affection via SMS. Although women realize that texts alone do not keep a relationship alive, many men believe that texts are a valid form of daily communication.

There is also a gap between age groups. Those who are younger tend to send more texts than those who are older. This infographic shows more surprising data about this texting phenomenon.

Are You Textually Active? What Are You Really Saying on Text Message

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