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Best Utility Apps for iPhone

Best Utility Apps for iPhone

While the iPhone is a great help to everyday life, it is necessary to check if its applications function up to its greatest potential. For as long as everything is up and running perfectly, you can enjoy every feature without a problem. To keep your iPhone’s functionality, here are some apps to use:


There is an icon on your iPhone screen that tells you how much percentage of battery is left. Once it reaches the lowest portion, it is a signal that you have to charge it. Indeed, the icon is a helpful warning sign but you ought to know that better battery consumption is what you can enjoy with the BatteryMagic app. The BatteryMagic app is free for the beta version and paid for the BatteryMagicPro version. This app provides an indication on how much battery is left for a specific running application such as Wifi, 3G Internet, Talk Time, Game Play, Stand-by Time, Audio Playback and Video Playback. For the pro version, you are able to check if the battery life is enough to show a full-length movie.


Priced at 99 cents, iNotify is an application that allows you to check on important appointments or errands under your to-do list. This notification appears on your lock screen, therefore every time you take a look at your phone, you are reminded of the things you need to accomplish within the day. The iNotification can be easily customized. You can add or remove activities under the list.


AppBoxPro garnered a number of thumbs-up because of its multiple functionality. This all-in-one app provides a number of utility apps that are totally helpful and beneficial. AppBoxPro comprise of the following: currency converter of up to 195 currencies, clinometer, battery life, loan calculator, 52-language translator, holidays observed in 83 nations, flashlight with adjustable brightness, sale price calculator and tip calculator. The best thing is that this app costs only 99 cents.

Camera Flash and More

If you love taking photos, the Camera Flash and More App is a great feature to have on your iPhone. As you use this app in taking photos, you can increase or decrease the brightness of a particular photo. You can also use this app in customizing photos, making them black and white or in a sepia format. If you want to add some fun with your photos, this app allows you put some funky effect on them. You can get this app at 99 cents.


If you think that your connection is running slow on your iPhone, it’s time to do a speed test. By downloading and installing the SpeedTest app on your device, you can check whether or not connectivity is running correctly as it should. In the case of getting very slow speed, you can get in touch with your ISP to report the issue. If you are getting good results from the SpeedTest, you can perform tasks requiring connectivity efficiently. SpeedTest is a free app. You can use this app at any time and place.

WiFi Locator

WiFi connectivity is what allows iPhones to acquire connection to the internet. Since 3G/4G/LTE is always difficult to obtain, the WiFi locator can be more reliable. By using this app, you can connect to any desired network as long as no password is required. You don’t need to walk around finding a good WiFi spot because the WiFi Locator will provide all the information on your screen through the maps app. The WiFi Locator helps you find the strongest signal and strength of network signals are sorted on your phone for viewing. Thus, you can easily determine which network to try first.

Your iPhone can truly do wonders as long as you have the right helpful apps in it. The best thing is that these apps are very affordable, they won’t break the bank.

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