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Segregating Points of Xbox One and Xbox 360

Segregating Points of Xbox One and Xbox 360

Xbox was an innovative invention with cool features such as wireless controllers, expanded hard drive storage and the kinect motion sensing camera. With a vision of unparalleled experience for the gaming enthusiasts, Xbox 360 and Xbox One are second and third consoles in the Xbox series from Microsoft.

Xbox One is a big gaming console of the present lot. It introduces better graphics and new features that were missing in its predecessor Xbox 360.


Kinect is a controller-free gaming and entertainment experience. Mandatory with every Xbox console, the new version of the kinect is an enhanced version of its predecessor and works really well in key areas such as motion tracking and voice recognition. It is faster as well. A cool feature of Xbox One is a 1080p wide-angle time-of-flight camera. The camera identifies the user and logs in automatically.


There is a huge difference in the main memory pool of the two consoles. Xbox 360 has 512 MB RAM as against Xbox One which is supported with 8GB RAM.

Also, the Xbox One is powered with an AMD “Jaguar’ Accelerating Processing Unit. Having the same architecture as a PC, it facilitates cross gaming platform. Xbox One supports 4K resolution. On the other end, Xbox 360 runs on Power PC tri-core Xenon processor at 3.2 GHz. This means that the successor is more efficient and multitasking is much easier.

Backward Compatibility and Games

Xbox 360 overpowers Xbox One in the gaming arena with huge game library. Earlier, gamers had plenty of choices in terms of games but as Xbox One is not compatible backwards with Xbox 360 games, gamesaves and apps, the gamers will have to rebuild their game library from scratch. A few games will be launched exclusively for the Xbox One soon.


The Xbox One controller though looks similar to the Xbox 360 but features some changes. In the redesigned directional-pad, the Menu and View buttons are replaced with the Start and Back buttons. The Xbox One is also empowered with a USB port to swap between wired and wireless versions. It uses new impulse triggers. The battery pack of the controller is also integrated within the controller to cut on the prominence at the back, something that made the predecessor bulky.

Addition of Blu-rays

Xbox 360 backed DVD and HD-DVD via a peripheral. While the new variant Xbox One comes with blu-ray. It makes for a good movie player as well as lets you install games to the console. The best media feature is the ability to control the idiot box with the Xbox.

No Bluetooth support

The Xbox One does not have Bluetooth support though Wi-Fi Direct and 802.11n helps in dealing with device-to-device connections. Also the wireless accessories require official Xbox options to connect.

Smart addition

Microsoft’s SmartGlass app works on an array of phones, tablets and PCs. The smart addition on Xbox One permits devices working on Windows Phone, Windows 8, IOS and Android to be used as a second screen.

With such enhanced attachments, the new gaming console looks to rule the market and the minds of the gamers.

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