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How To Do SEO In 2014

How To Do SEO In 2014
Search engines apparently seem to be on a war footing to weed out ineffective sites that offer nothing of value to people searching for specific information. Google seems to have set a pattern with one update after another and then fine tuning them with further updates. It seems to be an endless circle dissuading many from getting into the SEO game. However, businesses desperately need an online presence and quickly to be available when the shift by consumers towards smart phones and tablets make a major impact. So how do you do SEO in 2014?

The question needs to be answered by analysing ranking in 2013 and then build on factors producing positive effects. Search engines have definitely taken major steps to stop spam from adversely affecting search experience. Time spent on a website is money for the search engines, as visitors are likely to click on a paid ad.

Increasing Role Of Social Signals

One way of enhancing experience is to provide a platform that encourages shared content, which is why social networking is gaining ground. Search engines established parameters to recognise good content strategy associated with ethical SEO including social signals derived from active engagement, authorship or value of content directly connected to the author, regular updates recognised by increasing readership, and frequent updates giving signs of a healthy website. Relevance does play an important part, and businesses recognise the fact they need to build authority where it matters.

Content Strategy For SEO In 2014

Debate on whether content plays an important role is no longer valid. Search engines have indicated in clear terms fresh information is relevant. The question then arises whether good SEO content strategy involves writing long or short articles. If other factors are analysed, relevance is definitely given to good content keeping visitors glued to the website. Articles averaging 2,000 words are finding prime spots in Google search. However, due consideration must be given to the fact mobile users have increased tremendously, and it is a bit difficult to read long articles on a smart phone.

The long-term strategy is valid, as tablet sales are on the rise. Developing content strategy for 2014 is a must, and the logical way to go about it is to generate more interest among visitors to build a strong fan base for the long term. Will content in specific niches play a dominant role depending on user interest? Ideally, a wait-and-watch approach is warranted inclined towards following leaders in the same niche.

People frown upon guest blogging as a Black Hat strategy no longer having relevance in 2014, which is far from the truth. Quality back links will play a vital role in improving rankings, and one way to look at getting links from authority sites is to continue writing relevant content.

The concept is changed a bit wherein high quality content finds natural resources in authority sites willingly offering to share the author’s content. In other words, the author does make a difference, both in the eyes of an authority site and search engine. A good author readily finds resources to post an article. The next link is always easier, as other sites recognise value in promoting what the authority writer now has to offer.

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