PNR Status App

PNR Status App

If most train apps come with the feature to track your PNR Status, why do you need a PNR Status app? There are countless reasons and now is the time to start discovering the various uses of a PNR status app! ixigo’s smart and intuitive PNR app identifies and fixes a problem you never understood you were facing. By scanning your inbox for messages from both IRCTC and other merchant websites, ixigo detects your PNRs for trains as well as flights. You no longer have to open your ticket in one window and then copy and paste the PNR into another tab, you can find the status for all your trips at the tap of one button! That’s why, ixigo PNR app is called automagical!

The trips identified by the ixigo PNR app you can easily manage your trips in 2 sections out of which one is the Upcoming Trips and the other is Previous Trips. The status for upcoming trips is checked at regular intervals by the app automatically, and in case you have tickets that are Wait Listed, the app keeps checking their status in the backend, and send you a notification whenever the status changes! Now that’s what we call a smart PNR status app! The best part that the app is well optimised for even slower internet connections for when you’re on the go, which means you never have to wait too long for updates!

The ixigo PNR app is not behind when it comes to managing your flight details on your smartphone. In case your flight status changes, it’s delayed or cancelled, you receive notifications. Similarly, you also get notifications for when your flight web check in opens, and you can do a web check in and select a seat of your choice, through the app! How many PNR status apps offer this feature?

What we loved about the ixigo PNR app was also that the app provides one tap access to your train booking sms – which means you don’t have to scan your entire sms inbox anymore to show the TT your ticket! Now, isn’t that thoughtful? Apart from reviewing and managing all your trip details on one screen, the PNR app also provides you Train Delay alerts, just like the ones for flight! When all these features come on an app that takes less than 2 MB of space on your smartphone, is free of cost and has no annoying advertisements, do you really need to think twice about downloading it?

After reading this exhaustive list of features it’s not unlikely to be wondering if the app is too complicated to use. The truth is, there are hardly any apps that provide such a flowy design that is easy to use like the ixigo PNR status app. That’s why we call it intuitive, because it perceives your need and provides you a solution, before you can even say it. What makes this PNR status app smart is its ease of use, which is impossible to find in most train or travel apps.

This is one ultra futuristic PNR status app you need on your phone, every time you travel! Get it at the Google Play Store now!

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