Online Flashcards: An Effective Learning Tool

Online Flashcards

An entire study session can become useless if the information being read is not readily absorbed. Not much learning happens in a boring study session. It needs to be more engaging and interesting for a student to easily grab the concepts being taught. Flashcards are a perfect tool for this purpose. It becomes easier for a student to process information if it is provided in a highly interactive, fun and engaging manner. Unlike other study resources, the effects of using this learning tool are visible straight away. Let’s look at online flashcards in a more detailed way.

How are Online Flashcards Different from their Traditional Counterparts?

The purpose of online flashcards is the same as traditional ones. Students use the course material and other relevant information in order to create their own summarized engaging flashcards, which are then used to revise what have been learned so far.

So, what is the difference then? The difference comes with the use of modern technology. Online flashcards not only help students fulfill their study goals, but provide a much more engaging and interactive effective learning tool. They are not another electronic, flashier version of the traditional means of learning, but are in fact a handy addition to the learning system.

Why Use Online Flashcards

With the availability of free online study tools, making flashcards is not a difficult task. Flashcards can be easily created and stored online. You no longer have to spend hours and hours making flashcards. With online software applications you can create colorful, attractive and engaging flashcards in a matter of minutes. You can even add pictures and small animations.

You no longer have to carry the flashcards physically. Since, most services are cloud based, flashcards created can be accessed from anywhere. You will also not have to worry about forgetting your flashcards at home. They will be with you all the time. You just have to use a compatible device to access them over the internet.

Besides all this, creating online flashcards does not cost you any money. Different sites allow users to create online flashcards free of cost. Similarly, these online flashcards are stored in the form of libraries. You can easily arrange them according to subject matter and the sequence you desire to study them in. Unlike traditional flashcards, online flashcards can be shared among several people at the same time.

Online flashcards can be used in different ways. You can not only revise and learn from them but put them to other uses as well. For example, you can randomize the flashcards you have created and create a quiz for yourself. The quiz will be based on the information you have added to your online flashcards, giving you the chance to test your knowledge in a stress-free environment.

Online Flashcards and Teachers

Students are not the only ones who can use online flashcards. Teachers can make use of online flashcards to enhance the effectiveness of their classes. Students can be asked to prepare online flashcards as their assignments. Similarly, teachers can also use online flashcards to create quizzes and test their students’ knowledge and skills. Good thing about this is that students will not feel stressed or pressured. Rather, they will see an online quiz as some form of puzzle or game. Besides this, teachers can simply review the flashcards created by each student from time to time to check on their progress.

Online flashcards are an effective learning tool that not only gives students an interactive and engaging means to study, but facilitates teachers and helps them improve the effectiveness of their teaching sessions as well.

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