A.I.type: a Great Android App You Don’t Use

A.I.type: a Great Android App You Don’t Use

It would be nice if your keyboard were smart enough to know what you want to enter, but not so darn presumptuous that it auto-corrects your words all the time without even providing any notice. A.I.type features a context-based next-word prediction engine that warns you before (and after) it corrects your text.

With different skins, such as iPhone 4s and Windows 7 layouts, you can emulate other devices and operating systems. A.I.type also offers you navigation and editing buttons, like Back and Undo, so your fingers will never have to leave the keyboard again. It also learns from your typing habits, refining its prediction engine as you type. Here’s one of the best Android apps on the market.

There are so many keyboards available today that it really is necessary to try them all to find out which one works best for you. A.I.type is definitely one of the best. There are many things to like about this keyboard. It looks great, it reacts, sounds and allows you to type quickly. And the attention to detail throughout the app is excellent.

You can reduce the bottom row options in order to make the space bar bigger, and two thumb typing in landscape mode is easy. It has a copy, cut and paste edit screen, and at the touch of a button it even reads the words you’ve typed.

Text prediction works very good, and many people on Google Play say that this has the best text prediction they’ve ever experienced. Needless to say, A.I.type is highly recommended, and available for download for Android via Google Play.

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