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Flights Apps That Bring You The Best Deals Out There

Flights Apps That Bring You The Best Deals Out There

Cheap flight deals are every traveller’s’ dream come true. The question then is, how to make a flight booking by making use of the best deals in the market with the least amount of effort? Flight apps are built to solve this purpose exactly. Two premier flight apps in the market are built to help travellers worldwide find flight options that suit their budget and convenience.

ixigo hotels flight restaurant

This app allows you to explore options of flights, hotels, trains, places to visit and eat in the vicinity of the destination you choose in the search bar. The interesting part about the flight app is that it has all these complex structures built into a single, simple user interface. By this logic, a user can look at one option at one time. So you can first make your flight booking in the website of your choice, track the status of your flight and thereafter, look at several hotel options in the city. You are redirected to all these options one after the other in the search platform.

For hotels, it allows you to look at photos of the property, read their reviews from other websites, compare and contrast the cost analysis and make a booking instantly. Similarly, you can also look at several options for trains and buses and make a booking accordingly. There is a status tracker associated to train and bus bookings as well. The search bar also helps you locate popular places and restaurants close by and gives you information and pictures of the activities ongoing in the place.

The flights app is accessible to all iOS, Android and Windows users. It covers the whole of the Indian subcontinent, Thailand, Malaysia, South Asia, Middle East countries and island groups–Maldives, Bora Bora, Seychelles and Mauritius.


The flights app helps you find the cheapest airline deal, by comparing flight costs with over a 1,000 airlines. It filters out the best 100 entries and shows it to you at a glance one page after the other. It also helps you find the cheapest hotels around the place and taxi rental options closeby. It redirects you to the website of the airline or concerned travel agent, when you choose to proceed with a particular deal for your chosen date.

Simply fill in your date and port of departure and the flights app furnishes you with the requisite information for buying cheap flight tickets online on a daily basis. It searches, collates, receives and gives you daily news feed on the same. Some of the best deals are made when one makes a booking both for travelling to and fro.

You are in a better position to gain from this flights app if your travel dates are flexible. When you feed the requisite information in the app months in advance, it prompts you on the cheapest dates of the month to fly on. The flights app also displays cheapest flights to the most popular countries of the world.

The flights app is accessible to iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry users. It covers UK, USA, all of Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

This could be the beginning of many adventurous trips or some of the best value-for-money business trips. So make sure you strike the best deal by making use of the best flights app. Bon Voyage!

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This post is submitted by Chandralekha. This time she has written information about Flight app for windows. In order to make your trip hassle free use Indian rail app and PNR status app etc. Hope the information shared about the flight app may help to plan your trip.

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